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Zero Gravity, an aftermarket motorcycle accessories company, is offering a new line of 2009-2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650R windscreens available in three distinctive styles.

First, is a stock replacement part, the SR Series, which is about the size, shape and function of the Ninja OEM windscreen and comes in a variety of colors for a personalized look.

Second, the Double Bubble, is Zero Gravity’s version of the now popular "stepped profile" windscreen pioneered by Zero Gravity Racing in the mid-90’s. It is sculpted to the bike’s futuristic lines and provides an added aerodynamic look and function.

Third, the Sport Touring Series screen, which is 2" taller than the stock part, provides additional wind protection for the street or touring applications.

Zero Gravity screens are made with cutting edge technology and feature a precise fit, hand polished visible edges and distortion free optical clarity. These quality custom accessories are nice additions for any Kawasaki 650R.

Available in a variety of colors, Zero Gravity’s new Ninja 650R windscreens start at $79.95 and are protected with a limited factory warranty.

Call Zero Gravity at 1-805-388-8803 for more information on their motorcycle accessories or visit their website at


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