James Stewart-less Yamaha misses Podium

SX Team Report

Valli Motorsports Ivan Tedesco was the top Yamaha YZ450F runner at the Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida for the twelfth round of seventeen in the 2010 AMA Supercross series, also and FIM World Championship.

The veteran took 5th position after seizing the Holeshot and enduring an intense battle with Davi Millsaps to the flag.

Over 38,000 spectators enter the open-roofed stadium and witnessed some exciting action across a challenging circuit that offered grippy terrain. While Tedesco enjoyed a brief run at the front and vied for his second podium result of the season, San Manuel L&M Yamaha’s Josh Hill was also trying to gain as many points as possible in his fight back to fitness. The 20 year old was able to take 7th and remains one of just two riders to have taken a top ten classification in all events to-date.

Ivan Tedesco

"We’ve been working on the bike a lot lately, and I think it’s starting to pay off,’ commented Tedesco, who had recovered from a complaint with his right index finger. ‘It’s no excuse, but this deal with Valli Motorsports came together pretty late, so I feel like we’ve been playing catch-up since round one. But with more rides like this, maybe it will show that we’ve caught up. I want to put this thing back up on the box before we head outdoors."

Josh Hill in Florida

"I haven’t been riding that much during the week because I’ve been trying to heal up,’ said Hill ‘this coming week off is going to do me a lot of good. I hope I’m feeling a little better for Houston because I want to end this series more like how I started it."

Muscle Milk JGR’s Justin Brayton was 9th in Jacksonville and Michael Byrne was another Yamaha rider in 10th place.

Reigning champion James Stewart – still out of action with an injured wrist – won the first ever SX main event at Jacksonville on a YZ450F last year.

Stewart was however present at the meeting in his home state to publicise his new reality TV show ‘Bubba’s World’ that aired for the first time on the channel Fuel TV Sunday evening.

In the championship standings Hill keeps third place and is 34 points away from Ryan Villopoto in second spot. Hill had earlier taken five consecutive rostrum finishes on the 2010 YZ450F but has struggled to break into the leading group since his crash and rib ailment five races ago.

Last Years Winner: James Stewart

2010 AMA SX Jacksonville

Race 1 – 20 Laps
1    Ryan Villopoto    Kawasaki    USA    16’19.516
2    Ryan Dungey    Suzuki    USA    0’05.978
3    Trey Canard    Honda    USA    0’07.590
4    Kevin Windham    Honda    USA    0’07.732
5    Ivan Tedesco    Yamaha    USA    0’12.603
6    David D Millsaps    Honda    USA    0’12.942
7    Josh Hill    Yamaha    USA    0’29.127
8    Thomas Hahn    Suzuki    USA    0’30.918
9    Justin Brayton    Yamaha    USA    0’33.192
10    Michael Byrne    Yamaha    AUS    0’38.134
11    Kyle Chisholm    Yamaha    USA    0’40.912
12    Nicholas Wey    Kawasaki    USA    -1Laps
13    Matt Boni    Honda    USA    -1Laps
14    Chris Blose    Honda    USA    -1Laps
15    Justin Keeney    Kawasaki    USA    -1Laps
17    Weston Peick    Yamaha    USA    -1Laps
19    Jason Lawrence    Yamaha    USA    -16Laps
20    Kyle Regal    Yamaha    USA    -20Laps

RIDER STANDINGS    27/03/2010
1.    Ryan Dungey    Suzuki    USA    261
2.    Ryan Villopoto    Kawasaki    USA    240
3.    Josh Hill    Yamaha    USA    206
4.    David D Millsaps    Honda    USA    189
5.    Kevin Windham    Honda    USA    179
6.    Justin Brayton    Yamaha    USA    164
7.    Ivan Tedesco    Yamaha    USA    159
8.    Nicholas Wey    Kawasaki    USA    131
9.    Kyle Chisholm    Yamaha    USA    115
10.    Thomas Hahn    Suzuki    USA    113
11.    Michael Byrne    Yamaha    AUS    110
12.    Trey Canard    Honda    USA    103
13.    Chris Blose    Honda    USA    86
14.    Andrew Short    Honda    USA    69
15.    Grant Langston    Yamaha    RSA    67
17.    James Stewart    Yamaha    USA    51
19.    Jason Lawrence    Yamaha    USA    42
22.    Dan Reardon    Yamaha    USA    25
27.    Weston Peick    Yamaha    USA    17
39.    Kyle Regal    Yamaha    USA    2
40.    Josh Grant    Yamaha    USA    1

1.    Suzuki    261
2.    Kawasaki    249
3.    Honda    243
4.    Yamaha    234
5.    KTM    3

After twelve weeks without respite the AMA juggernaut rolls to a stop for Easter weekend and will commence once more with the thirteenth race of the campaign in Houston on April 10th.