Yamaha’s new 2010 XJ6 Diversion F

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For 2010 the Yamaha model range in Europe has further expanded with the introduction of the stylish and practical XJ6 Diversion F, which joins the existing XJ6 Diversion and XJ6 models to make an even more attractive middleweight line-up.

Equipped with a sleek and aerodynamic full fairing, the new XJ6 Diversion F offers added wind protection for improved riding comfort, making this fun all-rounder an ideal commuter bike, especially over longer distances. At the heart of this new all-rounder is a 600cc liquid-cooled parallel 4-cylinder engine, which has been designed to offer a smooth band of easy-to-handle power. Producing lively acceleration together with rider-friendly performance and strong torque, the Diversion F is ideally suited to everything from commuting through to touring and weekend leisure riding.

With a lightweight, diamond-shaped frame, the XJ6 Diversion F has a timeless and charismatic look. But it’s not just about style; the chassis dimensions and geometry have been engineered for easy handling and controllability over a wide range of speeds, underlining this bike’s genuine all-round abilities. An ABS version is available – ideal for riding in cold and wet weather.

With its upright riding position, agile handling and smooth and strong power output, the new fully-faired XJ6 Diversion F strengthens the Yamaha middleweight line-up, and offers riders an even greater choice of thoroughbred 600cc motorcycles.

Technical Highlights
• Liquid-cooled 600 cc inline 4-cylinder engine
• Easy-to-handle power delivery
• Lightweight diamond shape frame for easy handling
• Lightweight cast wheels
• Timeless styling
• New full fairing for added wind protection
• A true all rounder
• Available with ABS

The XJ6 Diversion F is available in Viper Blue or Midnight Black color options.


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