Klim Induction Riding Gear Review [Jacket, Pants, Gloves]

Klim Induction Riding Gear Review: Adventure Riding Apparel

Days with temperatures in the 90 to 100 F range always seem to come on my summer riding days. I couldn’t wait for my Klim Induction jacket, pants, and gloves to show up. The Klim Induction riding gear is designed for summer, yet has layering so you can enjoy the apparel for three-season riding.

Having had my share of get-offs, I know from personal experience which of my body parts hit the ground first and second. I want, and need, protection with the right amount of airflow to keep me as comfortable as possible through the heat of the day.

The Induction Jacket (MSRP $380) has Klim’s newly designed, high-strength, air-flowing Karbonite Mesh just about everywhere there isn’t the more protective 500 denier Cordura. Klim designers clearly thought about where the high wear areas would be besides pinpointing the obvious protection areas. The outside of the low-cut collar and the shoulders Cordura is used because backpack straps and a helmet can rub there. The bottom hem, cuffs, and zipper areas are also high-wear areas that have the 500D Cordura. The side panels, forearms, biceps, and shoulders have a breathable stretch material for mobility. For safety, three 3M Scotchlite reflective strips are on each shoulder.

The Induction Jacket comes standard with removable D3O CE Level 1 vented elbow and shoulder pads and a D3O Viper CE Level 1 back protection. I always wear a Klim Ai-1 airbag, which has a back protector, so I took out the Induction D3O protection.

Klim also created a Cordura fabric loop at the bottom of the Induction jacket’s front zipper to protect the paint on your tank. It has two handwarmer-sized exterior, ventilated zipper-closure pockets, and one left inside zippered chest pocket. The chest pocket is formed from the same moisture-wicking, breathable mesh that lines the entire interior. A nice feature of the inside chest pocket is that it is about nine inches deep, and the side entry zipper is about six inches long; if you forget to zip it closed, there is a good chance the contents will stay in the bottom three inches and won’t slip out.

I especially like the left forearm pocket for stashing my gas credit card and toll cash—much more convenient than having to put my kickstand down, take off my glove, and stand to reach into my pants or jacket pocket to get out my wallet. I was first introduced to the “Stat card” pocket on the Klim Hardanger one-piece suit, and now I am spoiled.

The easy-to-reach waistband adjusters are a convenient feature. Just that little bit of cinching down to stop the cool morning or evening air from coming straight up makes a difference, even in a hot weather jacket.

The Klim Induction pants (MSRP$380) are also fully lined with moisture-wicking mesh. Klim provides as much Karbonite mesh as possible without sacrificing slide protection. There is Cordura in the knees, seat, inner boot panel, and bottom hem. Where I grip the tank with my knees are large, soft, perforated goat-leather panels for grip and protection.

There are two slash-angle, ventilated zippered pockets in the front of the Klim Induction pants. They both fill towards the outside, so you don’t have squirrel cheeks facing to the front. Klim chose a single button closure above the six-inch zipper fly. Any waist tightening is by your own belt that fits through the two-inch belt loops.

When you pull on your boots, the nine-inch zipper will close the back of the pant leg with three snap positions for personalizing the tension of the cuff around your ankle. The Induction pants close fine around my Klim Adventure GTX boots, but the pant leg, at the calf, is super-tight around my Alpinestars Tech 8 motocross boots. If you are planning on wearing motocross boots under your Induction pants and you are a large-calved person, check to see if the Induction pants will fit.

There is no flex in the waist. I wear a size 34x30 in jeans, and the 34 regular is a perfect riding fit, as they fit exactly true to size. If you are between waist sizes, order up. The sizes are limited to 30-40 in regular length, and 32-38 in both short and long lengths. Check the size chart for the length of each waist size.

I am five-foot-ten and 195 pounds, and the Klim Induction pants and size L jacket were perfect fits. However, I ordered the Induction gloves in XL, even though my hand measurements indicate Large, because the Klim XL gloves always fit me correctly.

A lot is going on with these $140 MSRP hot-weather vented gloves. The Klim Induction gloves have a premium goat leather exterior with carbon fiber knuckles. The back of the hand is a mesh panel with a zipper side for easy entry if you want to leave the Velcro cuff closure secured. There is XRD foam topping the fingers and thumb, with an XRD foam palm covered by Kevlar-reinforced Schoeller fabric. Besides being a safety feature in a hand’s first slide, the palm padding takes all the pressure load off my carpal tunnel surgery location when using the Crampbuster CB1 on long freeway stretches.

Although almost the entire Klim Induction glove is perforated, the real airflow comes from fine mesh between the fingers at the fourchettes (finger webs).

The thumbs and forefingers have touchscreen functionality. I found that the finger pad was okay for scrolling on my iPhone and GPS, but the thumb tips allowed the accuracy to enter my passcode and individual icon selection.

The palm of the Klim Induction glove has an additional leather reinforcement overlay, plus an entry assist pull loop. The loop helps pull the glove on when you have already donned one glove.

The entire top of the hand is lined with a smooth wicking material that delivers the evaporative cooling feeling. If you hit some rain, there is a goggle/faceshield wiper on the left index finger.

Finally, Klim included a sturdy plastic clip to keep your Induction gloves together when not in use.

Mounting the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike, the Klim Induction pants don’t bind. They slide as needed when moving into a seated position. There is no crotch droop as the Induction pants have a stretch gusset there.

The breathable, stretch material in the Klim Induction jacket makes reaching for the bars a comfortable movement. Jackets that don’t stretch sometimes require a bit of a shoulder shimmy to move all the jacket material into non-binding locations; that’s not the case with the Induction jacket. Even with so much airflow, the jacket offers full sun block-out.

I rode in temperatures from 52 to 98 F. This is not scientific, but it felt like the Karbonite mesh was atomizing the hot air and somehow getting it to lose several degrees before hitting my skin. I was wearing a modular helmet open, and the difference in the feel of the 98-degree air on my face compared to under the Induction jacket and pants was remarkable.

The mesh reminds me of a patio water misting system. On my hottest ride, I poured a half-liter of water up the arms hoping to get some evaporative cooling. The moisture-wicking mesh liner soaked it all up. I enjoyed a very comfortable 30 minutes of my 45-minute ride home with the thermometer registering 98 degrees.

I have had heat exhaustion, so I am vigilant about protecting myself from high temperatures. The Klim Induction jacket, pants, and gloves add flexibility on the hot side, just as heated gear adds to the cold side. The design of the Klim Induction gear makes a significant difference for me in the summer. Not everyone can afford a riding outfit for every season. However, if I were starting from scratch today, I would buy the Klim Induction outfit, and cover it with a quality rain outfit for the early Spring and late Fall. I would bolster it in the winter with heated gear—turing this versatile gear into an all-season collection.

Klim Induction Jacket Fast Facts

  • Sizes: XS – 4X
  • Shoulder and elbow armor: D3O CE Level 1 Vented
  • Back protection: D3O Viper CE Level 1
  • Jacket CE rating: AA
  • Colors: Cool Gray; Navy Blue; Stealth Black; Hi-Vis/Monument Gray

Klim Induction Jacket Price: $380 MSRP

Klim Induction Pants Fast Facts

  • Sizes (all even)
    Reg: 30 – 40
    Short: 32 – 38
    Tall: 32 - 38
  • Knee and hip armor: D3O CE Level 1 Vented (Level 2 optional)
  • Colors: Cool Gray; Stealth Black

Klim Induction Pants Price: $380 MSRP

Klim Induction Gloves Fast Facts

  • Sizes: XS – 3X
  • Knuckle armor: Carbon fiber
  • Palm and knuckle protection foam: 5mm XRD
  • Gloves CE rating: Level 1
  • Colors: Monument Gray; Stealth Black; Cool Gray/Electric Blue Lemonade; Cool Gray/Strike Orange;

Klim Induction Gloves Price: $140/pair MSRP

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