BMW R 1250 RS Project Bike: The One-Motorcycle Solution

BMW R 1250 RS Project Bike

After a lifetime of riding on two wheels, I realized I had owned dozens of bikes—often two to four at a time—and ridden hundreds, as well, as Associate Editor of Ultimate Motorcycling. In 2021, I tested the latest generation BMW RS and opined that it is a motorcycle than can do it all and be the perfect one-bike solution. For me, dirt riding is a gravel parking lot, so I did not have to factor in the off-road side—an adventure motorcycle was off the table. I decided to commit to that thought, sold my Yamaha FZ-10 and BMW K 1200 GT, and bought a sweet Black Storm Metallic BMW R 1250 RS.

BMW R 1250 RS Project Bike - One-Motorcycle Solution

My inner Buddhist spirit appreciated the divestiture and the simplification of my life through fewer possessions. So, now I have taken the first step.

I really like the power, handling, civilized ride, and many advanced technical features the BMW R 1250 RS offers. I can take the RS on long trips and keep up with my go-fast sport riding friends (to a point) on local rides—two must-have capabilities.

As with any motorcycle, there is room for personalization through the addition of equipment that elevates the experience and does not leave me hankering for others.

I will be taking you through the process of augmenting the RS with accessories that are top-of-the-line and deliver the pinnacle of performance, usability, and appearance, thus fulfilling my dream of the perfect one-motorcycle solution.

Here are some of the accessories I’ll be adding to the Ultimate Motorcycling BMW R 1250 RS Project Bike (reviewed items in italics):

Read as the Ultimate Motorcycling BMW R 1250 RS Project Bike unfolds:

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