2019 Bilbao X-Trial Results: Toni Bou Back on Top

2019 Bilbao X-Trial Results: Toni Bou Back on Top
Repsol's Toni Bou

2019 Bilbao X-Trial Results

The 2019 X-Trial World Championship headed to Bilbao, Spain, this past weekend for round three of seven.

All eyes were on the man who has claimed 12-straight X-Trial titles – Repsol Honda’s Toni Bou.

2019 Bilbao X-Trial Results
Repsol’s Toni Bou

The Spaniard won the season opener in Budapest, but was beat out by Adam Raga (TRRS) at round two in Barcelona. There, he lost the points lead.

Bou wasted now time getting to work at round three in Bilbao. There, he took victory and once again the overall point standings.

Joining Bou on the Bilbao podium were Raga and Beta rider Benoit Bincaz.

“I’m very happy to have been able to win in Bilbao after my second place in Barcelona and to have recovered the lead of the World Championship,” Toni Bou says.

“We know that this year is very complicated; it’s even easy to be out in some phases with this system and the high level of the riders. We also know that we can take out the result of one race, so adding victories is important.

“This championship is short and we’re not physically at 100%, I’m missing constancy but luckily, I have my determination, so we’ll work as much as possible to get to Granada in the best possible conditions.”

2019 Bilbao X-Trial Results: Toni Bou Back on Top
Repsol’s Toni Bou

According to Repsol Honda, Bou took one point in each of the three first zones of the first round but was able to finish with two zeros in the next two and qualified in second place for the next round, with one point of difference from Adam Raga.

In the semi-final, the Repsol Honda Team rider led his group and passed to the final with authority.

In the final, the current World Champion started in the lead and, despite making a mistake in the fifth zone, he finally took the victory in Bilbao.

The fourth race of the X-Trial World Championship will take place thi Saturday, February 23, in Granada (Spain).

2019 X-Trial Results, Bilbao Spain

1. Toni Bou / Repsol Honda Team: 7 points
2. Adam Raga / TRRS: 9 points
3. Benoit Bincaz / Beta: 5 points
4. Jaime Busto / GasGas: 11 points
5. Miquel Gelabert / Sherco: 16 points

Overall Standings (after three of seven rounds)

1. Toni Bou / Repsol Honda Team: 55 points
2. Adam Raga / TRRS: 50 points
3. Jaime Busto / GasGas: 30 points
4. Jeroni Fajardo / GasGas: 25 points
5. Benoit Bincaz / Beta: 24 points