Toni Bou Clinches 2018 X-Trial Championship in Paris: 12th Straight Title

Toni Bou Clinches 2018 X-Trial Championship in Paris: 12th Straight Title

2018 X-Trial Champion: Toni Bou

A month ago, while competing at a trial’s event in Le Mans that’s not part of the 2018 FIM X-Trial Championship, Toni Bou crashed, fracturing three vertebrae.

The Spaniard’s hopes for a 12th-straight X-Trial title looked slim, but he was ready to battle through the pain this past weekend at round six in Paris.

In obvious pain, Bou finished fifth after deciding to not finish after round 2. This allowed Jaimie Busto (GasGas) to claim his debut X-Trial win ahead of Adam Raga (GasGas) and Bou’s Reposl Honda teammate Takahisa Fujinami.

Toni Bou Clinches 2018 X-Trial Championship in Paris: 12th Straight TitleBut the fifth-place finish allowed Bou to clinch the title with one remaining. Now Bou has claimed a 12th-straight indoor X-Trial title. Combined with his 11 outdoor trial titles, Bou has a record 23 FIM Trial championships.

The dominance of Toni Bou has been absolute so far this season, with five victories out of the five events disputed (Vendée, Montpellier, Toulouse, Strasbourg and Barcelona). Bou was ready to battle in Seville, Spain, March 8, but that round was canceled and the FIM didn’t substitute for the round, shrinking the series from eight to seven rounds.

Bou’s five-round triumphs provided the Honda Montesa pilot a 31-point advantage over second-placed Adam Raga before the Paris trial began, which was officially round six of seven.

This year’s new rules also allow each rider is allowed to discard their worst result, which Bou did in Paris. This gave him the mathematically advantage, and he clinched the title one round early.

Bou, in his 80 indoor trials, has achieved a total of 59 victories, which means the Spaniard has won 70.9% of all the events he has participated in.

Toni Bou, the 2018 X-Trial Champion“I’m really pleased to have achieved this 12th title,” Toni Bou says. “It’s a dream to have arrived here. This season has been fantastic. I had a great start to the season that gave me an advantage that has let me win the championship with two dates still to go in the X-trial calendar.

“I believe that I have ridden really well and have won all five of the five events that we’ve disputed. This has been what has marked the great difference and that’s what I feel proudest about.”

The series heads this weekend to Budapest for the season finale.