Toni Bou Injury: Breaks 3 Vertebrae During France X-Trial

Toni Bou suffers back injury

Toni Bou Injury Update

Two weeks ago in Barcelona, Toni Bou claimed his fifth overall win of 2018 X-Trial Championship. So far in five of eight rounds, the Repsol Montesa Honda pilot won 12 races for a perfect record.

But Bou, who chases a 12th-straight X-Trial title, suffered a major setback this past weekend while competing at an X-Trial even in Le Mans, France – one that’s not part of the FIM X-Trials Championship.

Toni Bou Breaks Back

The Spaniard suffered a fall that sent him hard into an concrete element. He was taken to a hospital in Le Mans, where he was diagnosed with three fractured vertebrae.

After medical tests performed by team doctor Joaquim Terricabras at the Consell Català de L’Esport and the Creu Blanca Clinic of Barcelona, the doctors say Bou has suffered a fracture of the right apophysis transverse of the lumbar vertebrae L2-L3-L4, Honda reports.

Dr. Terricabras has recommended rest from all sporting activity for the rider, stating that the evolution of the injury will dictate when Bou is able to return to action, although it is unlikely to be any time in the next three weeks, Honda reports.

This may cause Bou to miss round six of the 2018 X-Trials Championship, which is set for Sevilla, Spain March 8.

Toni Bou suffers back injury