2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS Review | 27 Fast Facts

2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS test

2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS Review

MV Agusta has updated the Turismo Veloce and, leveraging its racing DNA, the bike continues to reflect MV’s ethos of “further, faster”.

As the lightest and most compact machine in its class, the Turismo Veloce is billed as a “supersport machine that’s built for comfort,” and it is truly a delight to ride.

It successfully bridges the gap between high-energy sportbike and leisurely touring machine, allowing the best of both worlds to be accessible within the same gorgeous motorcycle.

2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS test1. The 2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS is a comfortable sport motorcycle. MV refers to it as a comfortable version of the supersport F3. That isn’t an exaggeration, as the bike is far more Veloce than Turismo.

2. This motorcycle is not intended to compete with machines such as BMW’s GSes, Ducati’s Multistrada or Aprilia’s Caponord. Despite the odd choice of Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tires, the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce has no off-road capability at all.

3. Standard touring amenities include the impressively capacious 15-liter hard bags, cruise control, heated hand grips, a USB power port, and a range-friendly 5.7-gallon fuel tank.

4. Long-distance riders with passengers will appreciate the Lusso version of the Turismo. It has electronically damped suspension (preload is manually adjusted) and the Touring power mode algorithm has been specifically designed to minimize weight transfer when coming on or going off the throttle. MV did a great deal of two-up testing to minimize the dreaded helmet-knock when carrying a passenger. Although I didn’t actually sit on it, the rear seat also looks well padded and comfortable. Addressing pillion rider concerns has been an important part of the Turismo’s development.

5. Another nod to touring includes the MV Agusta App. Once your iPhone is linked to the bike via Bluetooth (no Android app yet), trip data that includes a GPS driven map of the route, maximum and average speeds, lean angle, and throttle position data can all be downloaded and shared after the ride. The link to your phone ensures that only that device can access the data.

2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS price6. The aforementioned Pirelli tires come in very definite sportbike sizes, with a 120/70 up front and a 190/55 at the back. Despite looking perhaps a little out of place on a bike like this, actually I had no complaint with the Pirellis. Fast or slow, they gripped well all day, even when it started to rain a little in the afternoon. Certainly, if you want to go with pure sport tires, the Turismo Veloce’s rims are ready for them.

7. The Turismo is tall, with a seat height above 33 inches. With my 32-inch inseam, I was only just able to flatfoot when stopped. The reach to the ground challenge is exacerbated by the seat’s width at the front. However, once riding the Turismo, that wide seat is nicely sculpted and extremely comfortable.

8. The key to the Turismo Veloce’s maximum-fun quotient is the engine. Ninety percent of the motor’s peak 59 ft/lbs of torque comes in at just 3500 rpm. Coupled with the Turismo’s class-leading 423-pound claimed dry weight (MV, it’s time to publish curb weights), this makes for a machine that simply leaps off corners and zips past just about just about anything you will encounter on the road.

9. Motor internals are light, and the willing engine spins up very quickly. Far from feeling peaky, the MV motor pulls strongly all the way to its 11,000 rpm redline. Accelerating out of corners is pure joy, as the torquey triple churns out fully usable power.

10. The revised fuel mapping that conforms to Euro 4 emissions is so smooth and easy on the rider that I spent the entire day riding in Sport mode. Both Sport and Touring modes produce full power, with Sport being noticeably snappier in response.

2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS review11. Power delivery is beautifully smooth on the 2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800, no matter the mode or gear. Despite several very slow hairpin turns on the back roads in the hills around Lake Lugano on the Italian/Swiss border, the Turismo negotiated those turns in first and second gear with zero lurching or pitching. Even at just over walking pace, minimal clutch balancing is needed. The throttle connection is uncannily smooth, and the ride-by-wire throttle and fuel maps are a real credit to the MV Agusta engineering team.

12. A massive improvement to the MV 800 series—the F3, Brutale and Turismo Veloce—has been to the transmission and, specifically, the gearbox. The old quirky reluctance to change into 4th gear at high revs is gone. MV’s EAS 2.0 gearshift assist allows for not only clutchless upshifts—it also includes a blip-downshifter. The gearbox is now beautifully smooth and light, while the action at the lever is positive. Ratios engage easily and quietly.

13. MV’s MVICS (Motor Vehicle Integrated Control System) adds a Custom map to the three standard riding modes of Sport, Touring, and Rain. Custom parameters that can be tailored include throttle sensitivity, maximum torque output, engine braking level, throttle response, and rev limit. Each parameter can be softened individually, as desired. As nice as it is to have the option, I found the delightful standard modes to be ideal, so I wouldn’t bother.

14. The riding modes include both ABS and traction control. The level of traction control assistance can be easily dialed up or down through eight levels, plus off, as desired. The Turismo has an IMU that measures roll, pitch, and yaw, so the algorithms for both ABS and TC can be much more complex, sensitive, and useful than previously. I didn’t detect any loss of traction and had no stopping emergencies, so I can’t say I truly tested these controls. Still, knowing they are to help avoid disaster certainly helps boost rider confidence.

15. The counter-rotating crankshaft helps negate the centrifugal forces from the wheels, and that reduced inertia enables the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce to turn very quickly without it feeling nervous. The alacrity of the Turismo’s handling is, of course, helped by the leverage from the high handlebar. The grips are nicely at shoulder-width, and not set too wide.

16. The handling is neutral, but the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce is incredibly agile. Cornering clearance is excellent, so this MV can be ridden just as hard in the corners as an F3 or Brutale. The light weight also contributes to the nimble responsiveness.

2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS headlight17. Revised motor mounts attach the cylinder head to the chassis much more efficiently, so longitudinal stiffness and chassis twisting are very much improved. This prevents any unsettling wriggle when transitioning lean angle from one side to the other through fast corners.

18. The Turismo’s stability is exemplary whether cornering or in a straight line. For such a light, maneuverable motorcycle, the MV feels absolutely planted at all times and that truly inspires confidence.

19. The Sachs electronic suspension is impressively compliant, yet firm when needed. It soaks up bumps very well, yet it is also stiff enough that the Turismo handles extremely well. The shock and 43mm fork have manually adjustable spring-preload with electronically adjusted damping linked to the different modes. Touring mode was definitely a lot softer than Sport, yet the bike still handled well. Of course, as I was riding one-up and didn’t have to worry about passenger comfort. I stayed in Sport mode and was able to explore and enjoy the excellent handling.

20. Radial Brembo brakes take great care of the slowing and stopping part of the motorcycle functions. As is typical with these Brembo systems, the feel and function is exemplary. The front brakes have a nice easy initial bite, followed up by plenty of power as needed; I only ever used two-finger braking all day. The foot pedal is perhaps a little wooden in feel, but I barely use it so it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the Turismo Veloce at all.

21. One of the most celebrated aspects to all MV motorcycles is their sound, and the Turismo definitely has that wonderful MV offbeat three-cylinder sound. Euro 4 regulations demanded a much quieter motorcycle. MV Agusta engineers used sophisticated software and audio measuring devices to painstakingly analyze and reduce unwanted noise from the engine, gearbox, and chassis. The primary sounds coming from the motorcycle are the exhaust note and intake roar. Having said that, I noticed that as good as the motorcycle sounds for the rider, the Turismo sounds maybe even better as it goes past; this machine won’t annoy pedestrians, even though it isn’t particularly quiet.

2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS handling22. An addition to the Turismo Veloce Lusso model line is now the SCS (Smart Clutch System) version. The automatic clutch is an MV Agusta idea developed in partnership with Rekluse of Boise, Idaho. It is essentially an electronically controlled centrifugal clutch that negates the need to use the clutch lever. It works flawlessly.

23. Riding the Turismo Veloce normally I was a bit underwhelmed by the SCS—until we hit traffic, and then it suddenly made a great deal of sense. The Rekluse clutch is very sensitive and allows for slower than walking speed control, as well as elegantly smooth takeoffs from a standstill. Your toe still has to make gearchanges as normal. However, with EAS 2.0, you don’t use the clutch for either up or downshifts. The SCS clutch balances the best of both the scooter and motorcycle worlds; simple twist “n’ go is very useful if you’re negotiating your way through lots of other road users. File this one under “You didn’t know you needed it until you tried it.”

24. If you’re a traffic light grand prix enthusiast, then you will definitely want the MV SCS clutch! Instant acceleration from at rest is incredibly impressive—just twist the throttle as hard as you like and the Turismo responds perfectly. MV claims a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) standing start time of 3.1 seconds—and in WSBK racing that is considered a very good start (exceptional is considered to be 2.8 seconds). A so-called sport-tourer being able to post World Superbike competitive-level standing starts gives you an idea of how well this clutch works.

2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS dealerships25. With the SCS the 2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS has something you wouldn’t expect on a MV—a parking brake. Because the clutch disengages the transmission when the motor is off, there’s a lever near the rear brake that you use to immobilize the motorcycle when it’s parked.

26. The Turismo Veloce comes with a full color TFT instrument display. It is perhaps a little cluttered with information, but the data available on the dash is considerable; this is a mighty improvement over what came before. Thank you, MV Agusta—not a moment too soon!

27. USA pricing is to be announced, but the 2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Lusso is expected to come in just under $20,000. The SCS variation has an $800 premium. If you’re likely to experience much traffic or you enjoy humiliating other riders off the lights, then I’d say the SCS edition is well worth it.

Photography by Milagro and Marco Zamponi

Riding Style

2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS Specs


  • Type: Inline-3
  • Displacement: 798cc
  • Bore x stroke: 79 x 54.3mm
  • Maximum power: 110 horsepower @ 10,150 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 59 ft/lbs @ 7100 rpm
  • Compression ratio: 12.2:1
  • Transmission: 6-speed w/ quickshifter (up and down)
  • Clutch: Automatic, and manual


  • Frame: ALS steel trellis w/ aluminum swingarm
  • Front suspension; travel: Semi-active fully adjustable inverted Sachs fork; 6.5 inches
  • Rear suspension; travel: Semi-active fully adjustable Sachs shock; 6.3 inches
  • Wheels: Aluminum
  • Front wheel: 3.50 x 17
  • Rear wheel: 6.00 x 17
  • Tires: Pirelli Scorpion Trail II
  • Front tire: 120/70 x 17
  • Rear tire: 190/55 x17
  • Front brakes: 320mm disc w/ radially mounted 4-piston Brembo calipers
  • Rear brake: 220mm disc w/ 2-piston Brembo caliper
  • ABS: Bosch 9 Plus


  • Wheelbase: 56.9 inches
  • Seat height: 33.5 inches
  • Fuel capacity: 5.7 gallons
  • Estimated fuel consumption: 41 mpg
  • Dry weight: 423 pounds

2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS Colors:

  • Fire Red/Dark Gray Metallic
  • Pearl White/Dark Gray Metallic

2018 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS Price:

  • Approx. $21,000

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