Find It Now Review – Early Warning GPS Security for Motorcycles

Find It Now Review – Early Warning GPS Security for Motorcycles

Find It Now Review – GPS Security for Motorcyclists

Find It Now Review – Early Warning GPS Security for Motorcycles

Few things can be as bothersome or devastating as the theft of your bike or other vehicle. To help mitigate the problem when this happens, Find It Now (FIN) sells a product to track and recover your precious ride, while also offering some nice abilities through your Internet-connected devices.

The American-made system is sold only through motorcycle and powersports dealers throughout the US, who will install it in a hidden spot on your bike against the day the unthinkable happens. And having this system on your bike can give you more peace-of-mind on those nights when your ride is left in a dark corner of a motel parking lot.

By utilizing GPS and cell technology owners are are alerted by email and/or text message as to the location of the bike and much more. FIN is unlike well-known LoJack, which is no longer actively selling their system for motorcycles, because LoJack does not go to work until the owner contacts them after reporting a theft to the police.

Find It Now, on the other hand, is always active and owners are able to enjoy some extra features through their app that is available for Android or Apple devices. There are other manufacturers selling products that offer some of FIN's functionality but none I've seen are as simple yet robust as this.

Owners will receive other text/email warnings such as an alert that the bike has been moved, low battery and battery tampering (disconnection). There is an internal battery so if the power is interrupted Find It Now is still able to operate on your behalf. FIN also works as a virtual odometer and you will be sent notifications advising of service intervals, if desired. A single daily report of location will be made if there is no other activity.

There are other functions available through their app such as locating your bike on a map, mapped locations of where the bike has been during a user-selectable date range, setting alerts such as ignition on/off and exceeding preset speed - settable in 5-mph increments from 15 to 90 mph. Loan your bike to a friend and get reports of their transgressions. You may also set up to three protective Geofences which will notify the owner if the vehicle travels outside those boundaries. You can even share the mapped locations function with friends who can follow you along on a trip.

More importantly, unlike systems which require a police report before they start a search, FIN shows your vehicle location on a map on your device and with coordinates. FIN claims that they can interface with the police on your behalf but it appears to me that one may do this on their own and not be subject to a period of waiting in which the thief might chop up your ride before it is discovered and recovered.

Installation is easy and I did it myself for my test unit. All that is needed is a single 12-volt connection that is always on. I had to register the unit first so that when it is activated it establishes a link to my customer account. Once operating it draws less than 1 milliamp of power in sleep mode. This will help avoid draining your battery over prolonged periods of non-use. I’m not too worried about that as my bike lives on a trickle charger when not being ridden.

For the sake of security I won't post photos of the FIN device or the location in which I installed it. Let's just say it's a small, waterproof black box that was not hard to hide. Sold with a 3-year warranty. For more, visit Find It Now.


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