MV Agusta: European Rowing Themed Brutale

2012-mv-agusta-european-rowing-themed-brutale-675 (2)MV Agusta Brutale 675 Custom Edition

MV Agusta, the exotic motorcycle manufacturer from Varese, Italy, will be the official sponsor of the 59th edition of the European Rowing Championship set for this weekend, Sept. 14-16.

And to help celebrate, the company, which has its factory close to rowing team headquarters on Varese Lake, has created a Brutale 675 specifically dedicated to European Rowing Championship.

The motorcycle is a special version of the latest edition of the Brutale 675, and traces an ideal parallelism between the perfection of boats that slip through water and the Varese two wheeler.

The Brutale 675’s livery is inspired by the colors of the Italian Rowing Federation and its lake, that stands out on the upper part of the fuel tank, while four tricolore oars are disposed laterally.

Other particular notes are the white wheels with blue stripe and MV logo on the external canal; the blue seat covers that use two different technical fabrics with yellow/gold stitching; the compact upper fairing above the dashboard with dedicated colors; Italian flag and logo of the model; and finally, on the side panels, the writing “Varese 2012” in remembrance of the event.

MV Agusta says: “On the Varese lake, close to rowing team headquarters, rises the MV Agusta factory, an industrial reality deeply inserted into the business fabric of this area. Underlining its territorial roots, MV Agusta has created a motorcycle dedicated specifically to the important sporting event which will take place in the next few days.”

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