Audi & Ducati Join at Pikes Peak (Video)

2012-audi-and-ducati-join-at-pikes-peak-video (1)

2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

This Sunday, two of the most iconic brands in motorsports will join at the 90th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – Audi, and its newly-owned brand, Ducati.

And to celebrate, Audi of Americas released the attached preview video, displaying its RS 5 and a Ducati Multistradi taking on 12.42-mile hill climb featuring 156 turns.

Here’s what Audi says about the video:

Throughout their storied histories, Audi and Ducati forged legends racing up Pikes Peak. With the 90th annual running of the treacherous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb at hand, the two iconic brands chose to come together and pit today’s expressions of performance against the mountain that has crowned each with championship glory.

For Audi and Ducati fans in the U.S. there’s an added bonus: A chance to experience the power of the Audi RS 5 and the Ducati Multistrada together in an unparalleled ride and drive experience.

And to give back to the wildfire-ravaged community surrounding Pikes Peak, Audi is donating to and helping raise awareness for “Battle the Blaze,” a donation fund established by the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.


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