Barger’s Guide to Motorcycling: Quickshift Review

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Let’s Ride – Sonny Barger’s Guide to Motorcycling

One might not think that celebrated one-percenter Sonny Barger of Hell’s Angels fame would be the best person to introduce new riders to the sport.

However, with “Let’s Ride – Sonny Barger’s Guide To Motorcycling,” he proves himself to be the right man for the job. Barger guides would-be motorcyclists through the process of selecting a motorcycle, learning to ride, buying a bike, and maintaining it.

Although “Let’s Ride” is certainly written for the prospective rider, Barger’s no-nonsense style and attention to detail means there are nuggets for the experienced motorcyclist, particularly in the Advanced Riding Techniques chapter.

Perhaps the best lesson Barger has for those us of with many miles under our belts, when faced with a friend who wants start riding, is found in the dedication to his Street Glide-riding wife: “No, I did not even attempt to teach her to ride.”

Story from previous issue of Ultimate MotorCycling…to view the digital edition, click here.