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Cycra Moto Stand Product Test

When it comes to working on your dirt bike’s wheels or suspension, nothing beats a stand. The Cycra Moto Stand takes the traditional four-leg aluminum motocross bike stand and brings it into modern times.

Using injection-molded plastic, the Cycra Moto Stand is an improvement on aluminum stands in a variety of ways. First, the stand doesn’t ding. Second, it won’t develop any sharp edges. Third, if it happens to rub against something during truck or trailer transport, it won’t scratch. And, finally, it’s nice and lightweight, without sacrificing strength or durability.

The handles on the Cycle Moto Stand make it easy to carry and move around, even if they can get in the way when stowing for travel. In the garage, Cycra offers a Roll Stand Wheel Set that allows you to wheel your motorcycle around, as needed, using the handles to set things into motion-nice!

The stance of the Cycra Moto Stand’s four large feet keeps the stand stable, though the four large footprints insist on a flat surface for optimum performance. This may be the only place where the old-style aluminum stand has an advantage – they can dig into soft, rocky, or sandy dirt and be easily leveled.

The molded rubber top (attached with countersunk rivets) has good friction, so your dirt bike won’t slip off easily. Fortunately, it’s not so tacky that you can’t lift your bike and slide it on at the motocross track or in your workshop.

There is a tray for tools, fasteners, and parts involved in maintenance. A sizeable hole in the center facilitates oil changes. 

With something as basic as a stand for enduro, motocross, trail, or trials bikes, it is challenging to develop improvements. Cycra Racing has used modern technology and materials to make an essential item even better.

The Cycra Racing Stand is available in six colors (black, and you can guess the other five).

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