Brammo Empulse R in Action | Video

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2012 Brammo Empulse R Video

Brammo recently released a new video showing their flagship electric sportbike – the Empulse R – in action on back roads in Malibu in in downtown LA.

The Empulse R has been all the talk regarding electric motorcycles. Why? Brammo claims the machine has a top speed over 100mph, and gets 121 miles to a charge.

With these numbers, the Empulse R is the highest-performance electric sportbike, taking the top spot from the Zero S ZF9 (114-mile range, 88mph top speed).

The Empulse R (and standard Empulse) was also the first electric motorcycle to have a drivetrain specifically built for a production motorcycle. Along with this drivetrain, the Empulse features a water-cooled permanent magnet AC motor, IET 6 speed gearbox and Brammo’s unique BPM 15/90 battery modules.

For a report of the Empluse R and the standard Empulse, including full specs, click here.