‘One Motorcycle Show’ Video Highlights

2012-the-one-motorcycle-show-video-highlights (1)

The One Motorcycle Show

In February, some truly unique machines were on display at “The One Motorcycle Show,” which was sponsored by Bell and hosted by See See Motorcycles.

But this wasn’t just any get together with loads of custom motorcycles that are perfected down to the last bolt. It’s more about imperfections, motorcycles that are “stripped down, real deal, simple machines.”

Speaking of the show, Bell says: “The One Motorcycle Show is perhaps the only custom show in the world that embraces the imperfect. It’s about the essence–motorcycles that are custom but not precious. Stripped down and built back up, but probably not the way the factory intended.”

Over two days in February, more than 75 custom bikes were on display, but that wasn’t it. There was also a custom-painted motorcycle helmet show, featuring all Bell 500 helmets, and motorcycle-inspired art works.

Some highlights of the One Motorcycle Show are attached above. For additional info on the show, click here.


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