Wayfarer’s Memoirs with Jason Lee, Jon Beck (Video)

Motorcycles in Culture

In this short titled "The Wayfarer’s Memoirs," its creator and narrator Jon Beck provides a simple description: "Jason Lee and Jon Beck ride Triumph motorcycles through a society redefining itself."

And after watching this flick, there’s not much more that needs to be said regarding description.

In the short, Beck, a contributor to Ultimate MotorCycling, and actor Jason Lee pilot some classic Triumph Bonneville motorcycles around Salton Sea, Calif.

As the piece moves through time, both ride to the one line that could easily be the theme of the short for motorcyclists: "We crossed the border of civilization, only our machines to carry us. Not much else is necessary."

What motorcyclist wouldn’t agree with that statement?

Music by Robert Deeble and CK Jebon