Honda Japan to Launch Honda Moto LINC

Japanese Motorcycle News

Honda owners in Japan will have a new feature that allows them to "enjoy a more convenient motorcycle lifestyle" – a new Smartphone navigation service.

The service, Honda Moto LINC, is a membership-based and free for Smartphone users, and will be available for download on April 12.

Honda Moto LINC is based on the Internavi LINC 3 navigation system, which is used by Honda automobile users in Japan.

Honda says: "Leveraging the same high-precision traffic information used in Honda’s Internavi car navigation system, Honda Moto LINC offers the Internavi Route service to calculate riding routes, the Driving Information service to search for ideal touring locations, the Rain Gear Alarm service to alert the rider when rainfall is forecasted, the Honda Dealer Search service and many other services that make not only touring but also everyday riding more fun and convenient."

For the future, Honda says it will continue to develop navigation services that go beyond conventional car navigation systems.

Honda says: "By delivering a wide variety of detailed information to smartphones and other information devices, Honda will support motorcycle lifestyles that offer customers even greater enjoyment and sense of security."

Sounds interesting…but will it make it to America?


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