KTM: 22.4% Sales Increase in 2011

USA & European KTM Motorcycle Sales

The Austrian-based KTM claims it was the most successful brand in the USA and Europe in 2011, reporting sales in these two markets were up 22.4 percent over 2010.

KTM reports that 81,200 vehicles were sold in these markets, despite a “declining market for motorcycles in Europe and USA by approximately five percent.” And with these sales arrived a new profit of 20.7 million EUR, an increase of 30.2 percent in 2011 over 2010.

Stefan Pierer (Chairman of the Executive Board, KTM Power Sports AG) says: “The successful launch of the Duke 125 and the new Enduro Competition generation were crucial for these increases.

“KTM’s market share in Europe increased by 30% from 4.9% to 6.3% compared to previous year. Hence, KTM is the most successful brand and outpaced its competitors clearly.”

But due to market-forecast reports, such success will be more challenging for 2012. KTM forecast reports show a “slightly declining” and “respectively stagnating” development of the 2012 European and American markets.

With such dire forecasts looming, KTM has implemented a global product strategy to help increase overall sales numbers for 2012.

This year, KTM will increase its presence in emerging markets, such as India. And the global strategy is already in play. In January, KTM released the Duke 200 to the public in India’s capital city New Delhi. The Duke 200 is now the first KTM motorcycle available worldwide.

KTM reports “With his model KTM – in cooperation with Bajaj – enters the Indian market for the first time and expects sales of more than 20,000 motorcycles.”

But it’s not only KTM that reported positive 2011 sales numbers in the sour economy.

Earlier this year, top European motorcycle manufacturers Ducati and BMW reported impressive 2011 sales numbers in the USA and European markets.

In North America, the Italian company Ducati reported overall sales were up 43 percent. As for BMW, the Bavarian brand reported a 6.4-percent increase in overall year-on-year motorcycle sales.

Strictly speaking European motorcycle manufacturers, the future appears positive.