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Looking for a great deal on a used bike from someone you can trust? Check out the new AMA Member Classifieds, powered by

Highlighting motorcycles for sale by members of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) from across the country, the AMA Member Classifieds are another great member benefit for America’s leading advocacy organization association for motorcycling.

The new AMA Member Classifieds, powered by, can be viewed at

Joe Tripp (SprocketList President) says: “AMA members are some of the most dedicated, responsible riders on the road. When you buy a bike from an AMA member, you can do so with the assurance that the seller takes motorcycling seriously and supports the organization that protects riders’ rights and promotes the motorcycling lifestyle.”

Further sweetening the deal, AMA members who take advantage of the AMA Member Classifieds program receive bonus points toward enhancing and differentiating their ad. AMA member ads placed using the AMA member sign-on automatically include a unique graphic identifying that seller as a trusted AMA member.

Featuring all types of motorcycles, including cruisers, dirtbikes, sportbikes, scooters, tourers, dual-sports, vintage bikes and more, the AMA Member Classifieds, powered by have something for everyone. Although AMA members receive special perks and identification, the ads may be browsed by the public.

Joe Tripp says: “Motorcyclists come from all walks of life and the many different types of motorcycles on the road are diverse and distinct.

“However, the interest in buying a new bike, or just seeing what’s out there, is virtually universal. We encourage all motorcyclists to visit the new AMA Member Classifieds listings and see what you could be riding next season.”

The AMA Member Classifieds are the latest in a long list of benefits and savings for AMA members. Another great value is free AMA Roadside Assistance for members who sign-up for automatic renewal or purchase a three-year membership. For more on the benefits of AMA membership, see > Member Services.

Not an AMA member? It’s easy to join and take advantage of all the benefits of membership. Simply log on to, select Join/Renew in the Membership menu and follow the simple steps. Members receive not only a great package of benefits such as the new AMA Member Classifieds, they support America’s leading advocacy organization for the motorcycling lifestyle.