Red Bull New Year Jump: Behind the Scenes (Video)

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New Year’s Eve San Diego Bay Jump

While mentally preparing to perform the “Red Bull. New Year. No Limit.” jumps over the San Diego Bay, both Levi LaVallee and Robbie “Maddo” Maddison had to overcome a more physical barrier – thick fog.

Keeping his stuntman cool, LaVallee replied “If we can see the landing from the jump, I say at least we know where we’re going.”

But this was soon taken care of, as the ESPN and Red Bull staff used hot air blowers to clear any moisture from the ramps.

And the rest is Red Bull history – both LaVallee and Maddison broke their own records on New Year’s Eve during the first-ever simultaneous jump of its kind.

LaVallee, 28, of Longville, Minn, broke his previous snowmobile jump record of 361 feet, making the jump at 412 feet 6 inches.

As for Maddison, the 30-year-old Aussie now living in Temecula, Calif., broke his motorcycle record of 351 feet 3 inches by more than 30 feet, landing 378 feet 9 inches from his take-off ramp aboard a Yamaha YZF-450

Attached above is a behind the scenes video leading up to Maddison’s and LaVallee’s Red Bull. New Year. No Limits. jump. For a POV video of the jump, which is the best footage out there, click here.