BMW: Datatag Security on UK Motorcycles

BMW Motorrad UK to provide security on all motorcycles in 2012

Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, anyone who purchases a BMW motorcycle in the UK will have an additional level of theft protection.

This is due to BMW Motorrad fitting all motorcycles with Datatag’s industry-leading system to deter theft. And the best part – the theft system will be added free of charge.

BMW Motorrad says: "Datatag’s advanced system enables the identification of stolen motorcycles and parts, thereby assisting the police in prosecuting motorcycle thieves and making BMW motorcycles less attractive to criminals."

The Datatag system utilizes four-sophisticated layers of security: a near-invisible ultra-violet etching, hidden RFID transponder tags, microscopic coded number dots for recognition and prominent, tamper-proof Datatag markings to provide a visual theft deterrent, BMW says.

These security markings are fully approved by the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre (Thatcham) and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

And besides adding an extra sense of security, the datatag system is recognized by the insurance industry; many insurance companies in the UK will provide discounts on bikes with Datatag systems.

This system is only available in the UK, but many will surely be hoping this goes worldwide.

Adrian Roderick (general manager of BMW Motorrad UK) says: "We understand that security is a concern for our customers. Whilst BMW’s motorcycle anti-theft systems have proven to be some of the best in the industry, and our motorcycles among the least affected by theft, any additional security that makes thieves think twice about stealing a motorcycle is a significant benefit to an owner.

"Statistics show that BMW’s current factory-fitted immobilizers, available on all-but-one of our models, and optional alarm systems prove very effective. But the industry must do all it can to deter theft and also assist the police in prosecuting thieves once vehicles have been recovered. The industry-leading Datatag systems make motorcycles less attractive for criminals to steal and easier for the police to identify and return to the owner."

Kevin Howells (Managing Director of Datatag) says: "We are delighted that BMW Motorrad UK has appointed us as their preferred supplier. Our systems are the most complete and effective theft deterrent on the market today. This multi-layer approach ensures that when it comes to theft deterrent and vehicle identification, Datatag is the only choice: a fact confirmed by Datatag’s 100% conviction rate when used in evidence by the Crown Prosecution Service."

Datatag Motorcycle Security Facts:

  • A report for the Motorcycle Industry Association has confirmed that a security marked machine is up to five times less likely to be stolen than one that is not marked.
  • Datatag has no annual fee and is transferable when a machine is sold.
  • Datatag is the preferred security marking system in the construction and agriculture industry and is widely used in the marine, cycle and car industries.


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