Paughco: Nostalgic Bobbed Fenders

Custom Chopper Fenders

Building a Bobber? Check out these very cool, nostalgic Bobbed fender that are manufactured Paughco.

The Paughco fenders reflect the company’s tradition for precision fit and superior quality. Paughco Bobbed Front Fenders are specially designed for use with Paughco and early OEM springers with brackets repositioned for correct clearance and Bobbed look.

Bobber Rear Fenders come pre-cut with that early style rounded design for an unmistakable Bobbed appearance.

Rear fender struts include integrated chain guard mount and chain splash shield. Paughco Front Bobber Fenders go for just $152.95 and the rear retails at $157.95.

The front fender shown above, 135EPB I, is designed o fit special order Paughco Wide springers fit with upper fender tabs and special rocker studs. Similar fenders are available for OEM springers and custom mounts. For complete details call Paughco direct before ordering at 775-246-5738 or visit


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