BMW R1200GS: Black Dog Cycle Skid Plate

BMW GS Motorcycle Skid Plate

Black Dog Cycle Works’ (BDCW) has released a Rugged Skid Plate for the BMW R1200GS/GSA motorcycles.

Black Dog Cycle Works Representative, Kurt Forget, says: "this new and unique design eliminates the back rubber shear bolts that are typically threaded to the engine block, which have caused extensive damage to these models upon impact, sometimes rendering the motorcycle inoperable and causing expensive repairs."

BDCW, the industry leader in rugged skid plates for the KTM 950/990 Adventure and 950 Super Enduro, has taken their experience to develop the most advanced rugged skid plate available for the BMW R1200GS/ GSA.

It offers unparalleled protection of the engine case, alternator cover, frame and exhaust pipes, and is made in the U.S.A. Other aftermarket suppliers have followed BMW’s initial design to allow the skid plate to fall off if a frontal impact occurs.

Those units with rear engine mounted shear bolts may also damage the lower engine case depending on the extent and angle of impact. Most other skid plates offer minimal, if any protection to the header pipes.

After seeing many dual sport events littered with GS skid plates, BDCW re-examined the design and found a solid solution to protecting the engine, frame and exhaust, allowing the rider to confidently explore off the beaten path and not have to worry about carrying parts back, or worst, being stranded in the middle of no where.

The BDCW Rugged Skid Plate is designed to mount the rear of the skid plate vertically from the frame, which completely isolates the rear of the engine case from impact. The front of the skid plate is secured via a through-bolt on the front of the engine/frame, which is an extremely sturdy part of the bike’s design.

BDCW has also added large rubber "Shok Bloks" between the skid plate and the bottom of the engine to absorb the energy of significant impacts. The optional center stand guard provides smooth transitions over rugged terrain. Function is designed in as well, as there are only six same-sized bolts required to easily remove the plate for oil changes.

The Rugged Skid Plate ($349) is available through Black Dog Cycle Works at or by calling 208-263-0438.


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