Pharaons Rally: Rodriquez Wins Stage 4

2011 Pharaons Rally

The fourth stage of Pharaons Rally should be called "Farafra´s Circuit." The timed section, a 339 km, was loop was mostly swallowed by all competitors in a very high temperature.

There were lots of events in Thursday´s stage in motorcycles. First, KTM’s Marc Coma, who was opening this morning, found his mates at CP1, Rodrigues and Viladoms.

These two riders reached each other a few kilometers before, and then, the three continued the stage together. Even If the three arrived at the same time, it is Helder Rodrigues who signs the stage victory right in front of "Chaleco" López. The Chilean rider stopped 30 km before the end of the stage to help Jes Munk.

Jakub Przygonski run his race alone and finished third. The Polish keeps his fourth place in overall standings.

Jes Munk bit some sand after riding too fast, and couldn´t see a step up hidden under the sand. "It is constructive knowledge that I acquired there," explains the Danish.

Beautiful competition among Italians Andea Manchini (Aprilia) and Luca Viglio (Honda), both fighting for the eighth position overall. Regarding Oscar Polli, after a day without mistakes, he finishes eleventh.

Two stage victories for Marc Coma, same for Helder Rodrigues: Spain 2 – 2 Portugal!

Pharaons Rally Stage 4 Rider Quotes:

Jordi Viladoms (Yamaha 450) says: "It was a nice stage, sandy, very fast and undulated. It was almost all off track, I would say there was 5% on tracks. Helder (Rodrigues) reached me at km 60, then we started the three of us (with Marc Coma and Helder Rodrigues) at CP1 and we rolled together until the finish line. It was another stage to test suspensions!"

Helder Rodrigues (Yamaha 450) says: "It was an easy stage, "very technical" (he jokes). It was a stage to go full gas, ups and downs in the sand; I reached Jordi (Viladoms) and then Marc (Coma). What it was fine is that sometimes I was able to open the track, which is a great exercise."

Marc Coma (KTM) says: "It was a day without any complications; I was in front first, quiet, not at full speed because now it is time to manage the race until the end. It was a stage in what we call open spaces, completely empty, the real desert."

Jes Munk (KTM) says: "I think there was a step up and I was too fast so I crush on it. I went too fast, I got to my limits and so, I fell. I guess this is my lack of experience and as I was feeling good, I pushed too far. I am ok, a little light headed but I will be ready for tomorrow."

Francisco López (Aprilia) says: "It was a fast stage. I am glad yesterday the technical crew installed the same engine that last year so I was able to finish the stay comfortably. I picked up Jes Munk that was on the floor 30 km before the finish line. I check if he was fine and I put the bike back on the wheels and told him to wait for a few minutes to continue. He managed to finish!"

Oscar Polli (KTM) says: "Finally a good day! It was a nice stage and the only stage without problems for me. I rolled great today!"