S&S Cycle: Top Custom Builders Book

Motorcycle Books

Your sense of conflict of interest is immediately tickled when up see a book with the title S&S Cycle presents Today’s Top Custom Builders.

And, indeed, all the fantastic custom motorcycles in the book are powered by S&S Cycle powerplants.

Of course, with the unassailable reputation that S&S Cycle has earned, that is a small quibble in this suitably spectacular coffee table book.

The indisputably attractive photography of Michael Lichter shares center stage with the extraordinary machines, as author Howard Kelly offers a necessarily succinct back-story on each bike and its builder.

In fact, if you are a fan of our own Gallery section, you will note the similarity in presentation of the motorcycles (with a bit of our Precious Metals section thrown in), and we offer that as a compliment.

Some builders are better known than others, but the creation of each artist is an unmitigated success for consumers of eye candy.