Harley-Davidson Nightster Stunts | Video

Harley Stunt Video

Stuntzinc founder Matt Mingay is out abusing his 2010 Harley-Davidson Nightster at the Australian Motorcycle Expo in Sydney.

Somehow Matt managed to talk the girls from Hornee Jeans into being part of his motorcycle stunt show while he impressed all with Sportster tricks.

Markland from launch helmet cams supplied him with a heap of cameras to put on the Harley Sportster.

The Browns Grafix minibike crew arrived in their all terrain golf cart to watch the show along with Luckstunter who was doing handstands infront of the grandstands.

The music is in this Harley-Davidson Nightster stunt video is courtesy of Illusive Records and features a song titled ADDICTED by the artist BLiss N Eso; from their new album WALKING ON AIR.

This video clip was filmed and edited FSF style, we hope you enjoy.


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