Aprilia RSV4: Official Race Parts

RSV4 Racing Accessories

The Aprilia Racing Parts range offers motorcycle parts for the chassis, electronics and engine. These parts are designed and dedicated to the Aprilia RSV4 family: from the brand new Factory APRC SE version to the Factory and R versions.

The genuine Aprilia components are mostly for "racing use only use" but are also available the to public consumer who intends to ride their RSV4 to its maximum on the track.

The vast possibilities for adjustment of the aluminum chassis of the RSV4 are now increased even more with the steering bushing kit, which allows the range to be adjusted +/- 1.5/3/4.5 mm and the steering axis inclination +/- 0.35°.

The exceptional dynamics of the RSV4 can be further improved with 7-spoke 16.5" forged magnesium Marchesini wheel rims, to mount racing tires, which include bearings, spacers and valves.

The suspension, also characterized by an obsessive attention to detail, can take advantage of the Aprilia Racing accessories range for the fork: the upgrade offers pressurized FG399 Ohlins Racing cartridges for the FG616 standard fork.

A CNC processed fork plate derived directly from Superbike is also able, on the same level as the semi-handlebars with titanium screws. The lightweight and prestigious metal is also utilised for the screw kit and the frame protector guards.

Finally, for the Brembo braking system, racing pads are available with Z04 sintered mix specifically for use on the track.

The available accessories for the electronics package push the bike's management and control developments to the maximum.

Already particularly advanced on the standard product, especially io the new Factory APRC SE version, further advancement can be implemented with the APX Step1 control unit with a racing wiring harness, completely programmable via PC using ARES software (Aprilia Racing Engine management).

This allows Traction Control operation, engine brake and anti-wheeling to be adjusted as well as allowing these parameters to be managed point by point along the curves on the circuit and the APX Step2 control unit which adds telemetry management of a vast range of sensors through the Aprilia Data Viewer software.

The Aprilia Racing accessories catalog offers, for the extraordinary V-four RSV4, high compression pistons (14:1) in forged and CNC processed aluminum complete with seal segments.

These pistons can be paired with the most powerful profile cam axis kits with gears and complete Akrapovic exhaust systems in titanium and carbon.

The engine package is completed by "trimmings" such as piping kits, CNC aluminum secondary drive cover kits, the oil sump and filter gasket kit and carbon crankcase guards.


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