Aprilia: ATC + AWC + ALC + AQS = APRC

Aprilia APRC Electronics

The most significant among the new features of the Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE superbike, a technology platform (Aprilia Performance Ride Control or APRC) that maybe is one step above any other systems available in the sportbike market.

The transfer of know-how from superbike racing to motorcycle production has resulted in an electronic management system that is extremely sophisticated but also intuitive and user friendly.  

The APRC electronics package uses an automotive inertial sensor platform with two gyrometers and two accelerometers allowing the ECU to recognize the dynamic conditions of the bike and adapt the engine management parameters accordingly.

The motorcycle rider can adjust any component of the APRC system independently at will.

Aprilia Traction Control (ATC) is undoubtedly one of the greatest strengths of the APRC package. This is a fully innovative traction control system developed from an Aprilia patent, mainly focused on helping the rider improve his lap times.

Thanks to the inertial platform and the Ride-By-Wire pioneered by Aprilia, the ATC not only reduces torque when the rear wheel slips but lets the rider control tail sliding when exiting a bend, giving him a better feel for throttle control, depending on lean angle.

Aprilia ATC is quickly, easily activated from the instrument panel menu and offers 8-settings as part of the APRC.

When the ATC is enabled, the rider can change setting in an instant at any time using a joystick on the left handlebar to suit track, pavement or tire conditions, without closing the throttle and keeping his hands on the handlebar, as in professional motorcycle racing.

This way, the system can adjust to every single bend of any track so as to meet the specific requirements of any rider, including the most expert ones.

The other incredible achievement of Aprilia technology is the system’s "learning capacity". Current traction control systems are designed and optimized for a single size and type of tyre. This limit frequently cancels the benefits of traction control.

ATC has overcome this limit: a procedure activated by the rider enables the system to learn the tire radius and final ratio adopted on the bike to obtain fine-tuned traction control.

Exploiting the full power of modern superbikes down to the very last HP is every rider’s dream. The Aprilia Wheelie Control (AWC) has achieved extraordinary results. Thanks to the exclusive Aprilia patented Wheelie Detection System, the AWC is able to "tell" when a wheelie begins and ends and kicks in to smooth wheel contact with the road.

Smooth, soft wheelie management avoid harsh power cuts or pick-up, providing perfect acceleration control. Again, the AWC system is activated from the instrument panel and can be adjusted independently from other control systems choosing from three settings to better meet rider requirements.

The perfect start is yet another racer’s dream, because a good start frequently means you’re half way towards a victory. When the lights go out, handling the huge power of modern superbikes is no easy task. Unless the bike handles it itself to offer its best starting performance.

The Aprilia Launch Control (ALC) system ensures an instant start as the lights go out, applying full power to the road to assist the rider in this critical moment of the race. All the rider needs to do is give full throttle and release the clutch as he normally would and shift gears.

The ALC has three settings that can be selected from the instrument panel menu, then it must be "armed" at standstill, by squeezing both traction control buttons on the left handlebar joystick at the same time.

When you’re after the utmost lap performance, you can’t afford to waste even one thousandth of a second in an apparently simple operation like shifting. RSV4 Factory APRC SE is the first Aprilia bike that comes with the Aprilia Quick Shift (AQS) as standard.

Basically, the quick shift shortens spark advance for an instant and then gradually restores it, making for super-fast shifting with no need to close the throttle or use the clutch.

The AQS system works hand in hand with the new closer spaced gearbox to limit RPM drop during shifting for faster lap times.

To optimize AQS performance, Aprilia motorcycle engineers have fine-tuned power cut timing based on shifting RPM.


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