2011 KTM 990 Adventure | Wallpaper

KTM Wallpaper

New for 2011 the KTM 990 Adventure motorcycle gets not only upgraded looks but also higher performance. KTM has increased the power from 98 to 106 and 115hp via a number of improvements.

First, is a newly developed cylinder heads. A revised combustion chamber has led to a clear improvement in combustion and ride-ability in the lower load and rpm range.

The 990 ports have redesigned for ideal flow guarantee better charging and, therefore, increased power. And thanks to the new construction, valves no longer have to be adjusted during the initial service.

The 2011 990 camshafts have been redesigned with optimized valve timing that has led to improved charge exchange that helps provide loads of power in all rpm ranges.

A new crankshaft with weight-optimized con-rods reduces the oscillating masses, hence minimizing the potential for vibration and maximizing power.

The redeveloped pistons have been produced in an extremely lightweight design. This, along with the smaller KTM DLC-coated piston pins, has led to a further reduction in the oscillating masses.

The proven engine management system from Keihin has been completely re-adapted to suit the new engine configuration. It regulates the electronic injection system with the focus on optimal behavior under partial loads.

Furthermore, a second throttle valve per cylinder ensures as constant a speed-torque characteristic as possible. Other major system elements are the air-fuel-ratio and idle-speed control system, cold start automation as well as the altitude compensator.

Running centrally between the cylinders, the multifunctional shaft serves as a counterbalance. It acts as a centrifuge for venting the housing, driving both the water pump and the timing chain, and also carries the idle gear for the electronic starter.

All make the 2011 KTM 990 Adventure a great all-round motorcycle for every expedition.

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