Valencia MotoGP Test: Bridgestone Report

Valencia MotoGP Test

The traditional two-day post-race test at Valencia proved a valuable opportunity for Bridgestone to continue with its fundamental tire development program and four test items were prepared for each of the 17 MotoGP riders.

The test items offered by Bridgestone were one developmental front tire compound, two developmental rear tire compounds and one developmental rear tire construction, each of which was given valuable track time by almost all MotoGP riders during the two days, despite their own busy test programs at Valenica.

MotoGP Testing schedules were delayed on the opening day of the Valencia test due to early morning rain showers that left the track greasy, but in the afternoon Colin Edwards embarked upon an exhaustive tire test with the Monster Yamaha Tech3 team.

Conditions on the second day at Valencia were much improved, and with crucial track time under their belts almost all of the MotoGP teams and riders tested the four new tire specs.

The results of this MotoGP Valencia test will allow Bridgestone to determine the direction of future tire development.

Tohru Ubukata (Manager, Bridgestone Motorcycle Tire Development Department) says: “This test was very valuable for us as we were able to obtain a great deal of data from our four developmental specs thanks to the support of the teams and the riders. During this test the teams and riders had intensive test programs of their own but they dedicated time to our tire test program so I am very grateful to them for this.”

“Our test program of one front and three rear slick tyre specs is a fundamental study for our future tire development and we obtained a lot of positive feedback and very promising data from these two days. From these results we can now start our new development strategy for the future.”

“This Valencia MotoGP test marks the end of field activity for 2010, and I want to thank all the teams and riders once more for their support of Bridgestone and our tire testing not only these last two days but throughout the season.”