Mexico Sets for International Six Days Enduro

Mexico Enduro

Sat high on the hill above the sprawling Mexican city of Morelia, the FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) racing paddock area that will be home to the three hundred and sixty eight motorcycle riders from twenty eight countries for the next week, is alive with last minute preparations.

While the majority of the motorcycles have already passed through technical control and into the parc ferme, which sits at the rear of the huge and newly built shopping complex, some enduro motorcycle riders are still frantically unpacking their racebikes due to them being delayed in transit.

The Team Sweden shipping container holding motorcycles and equipment only arrived late yesterday having been caught up in customs due to the consignment including food products.

Thankfully with their goods having now been delivered to Mexico for the ISDE, all looks set for the Scandinavians to be ready for Monday’s start proper.

Sharing a similar story Team USA also had their own problems, with two of their enduro motorcycles be stuck at the U.S. / Mexican border for a prolonged period as they made the long journey over land to be a part of what promises to be an exciting edition of the FIM International Six Days Enduro.

Tonight the ISDE motorcycle riders will take part in the opening ceremony / parade that will take place in the historic part of this vibrant Mexican city.