AMA: 2010 Motorcycle Christmas Cards

Motorcyclist Xmas Cards

The Motorcycle Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the return of a popular fundraising program that offers both nostalgic and custom motorcycling themed card designs for the 2010 holiday season.

John Willoughby (development director of the American Motorcyclists Association) says: "Holiday cards not only let you extend warm wishes to friends and family at a special time of year, but they let you express your individuality. Motorcyclists can do both with these personalized holiday cards from the Motorcycle Hall of Fame."

The cards are delivered in boxed sets of 25, and feature gorgeous motorcycling art that can be designed with a custom message on the inside. There are both motorcycle-themed and generic versions that will accept an uploaded photo in addition to a personalized message.

All proceeds from the card sales support the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation and its mission to tell the amazing stories of the legends of motorcycling at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, located on the AMA campus in Pickerington, Ohio.

John Willoughby says: "Available at a time when the weather outside is not riding friendly for more than half the country, these cards can be a pleasant reminder of your favorite pastime: spending time on your motorcycle."

Visit to view the card selection and purchase a box today. Hall of Fame supporters and motorcycle enthusiasts can also view the holiday card online shop at


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