Sporty Motorcycle Gas Tanks

Motorcycle Gas Tanks

These Flat Bottom Harley-Davidson Sportster style gas tanks from Paughco are the very sole for any retro motorcycle chopper.

Shown here are both the Standard and King styles now being manufactured and sold exclusively through Paughco and their motorcycle parts dealers worldwide.

Both motorcycle tanks are modified with for universal mounting with horseshoe front mount and tab rear.

The Sportster tanks are fit with bungs for late stock style screw in filler and vent and accept 22mm petcocks.

The 866 King motorcycle tank ($163.95) holds 2.9 gallons while the 867 Standard tank ($155.95) has a 2.2 gallon capacity.

The centerline hole to hole mounting measurement is 16 5/8" for both styles. For complete details call Paughco direct at 775-246-5738 or visit them on line at