Bell Helmets: Light-Adjusting Shields

Motorcycle Helmet Shield

Bell Helmets has recently teamed-up with a leader in performance photochromic optics–Transitions SOLFX. Together they have created a leading light-adjusting motorcycle shield.

These photochromic optics parts are exclusively for the Bell ClickRelease shield system found on the Star and Vortex motorcycle helmets.

Bell recommends that you periodically change your motorcycle helmet shields for better vision and safety.

So instead of selecting your standard motorcycle helmet shields in Clear, Light Smoke or Dark Smoke in standard and fog free variations, you now have yet another alternative for those who ride into the night.

Bell also offers high-resolution Amber shields that are available for certain helmet models or Blue Chrome, Silver Chrome, and Gold Chrome shields that combine style and reflective appearance with the optical clarity of a Bell standard smoke shield.

Most of the motorcycle helmet shields from Bell come with adjustable tear-off posts.


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