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CR&S DUU: Custom Motorcycles

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There is anticipation in the motorcycling world for the presentation of the CR&S DUU, the new motorcycle from the Milanese workshops headed by Roberto Crepaldi, at the 69th Salone Internazionale del Ciclo e del Motociclo (International Motorcycle and Bicycle Salon) to be held from 2nd to 7th November at the Fiera di Milano.

The motorcycle will be presented in Pavilion 2, stand I 33.

Following the success of the concept motorcycle which appeared for the first time at the EICMA 2009, the curtain is now being raison on the "single-seater" and "two-seater" road versions of the techno-custom bike, made by hand and only made to measure, which pays tribute to the glorious mechanical tradition of the Lombard capital.

The concept of the CR&S DUU motorcycle, which is stated to enter production next year, was unanimously acclaimed by the public, critics and motorcycling press. The entire production for 2011 has already been booked, with over 130 reservations made.

The original design shows the bike’s muscles, highlighting the new, powerful American two-litre X-Wedge "V-Twin" engine by S&S, mounted on a sporty chassis of European form, and it reflects the capacity to effect a perfect synthesis of the best of Western motorcycle traditions.

These characteristics have enabled the CR&S DUU to win a place at the MAD-Moto Arte Design, as being one of the motorcycle masterpieces of the past 50 years.

The press – and not just the trade press – has also been extremely flattering, contributing to the expectations of a motorcycle that in terms of technology and appearance anticipates the new trends.

With its eyes firmly on the future, but without renouncing tradition and the added value of craftsmanship.

All CR&S motorcycles are unique pieces assembled by hand and made to measure like tailored suits for demanding and hedonistic motorcyclists.

"We want to apply to the field of motorbikes what already occurs in the sector of prestige cars, in which customisation is optimised during assembly. Today, the biker has to buy his motorbike the way it is, except for some few variants, and then personalise it as he wishes."

The founder explains, "we, instead, give the client the possibility of ‘building’ his bike with us, following every phase of the construction process from the order onwards, and the continuing also with after-sales updates."

With the DUU, CR&S has broadened its potential target and is preparing to conquer the European market. On top of consolidating its presence in Italy, Germany and France, which constitute the largest markets in Europe, CR&S is also aiming at North America, and there are also good prospects for growth in Australia, Japan and the Far East.

"There are no direct competitors", continues the founder and sole administrator of CR&S. "There are and have also been in the past some solutions that are in some way similar to the DUU, but the overall concept and the originality of the project create a sector that is all on its own".

The CR&S DUU Concept Motorcycle

Two seats, two cylinders, two litres. The CR&S DUU ("two" in Milanese dialect) is a naked-techno-custom at the top of the Premium sector, providing a perfect combination of Western motorcycling traditions and enabling an entertaining and intuitive ride.

Power and agility are combined in a bike with an American engine and European form, designed for two-wheeling aesthetes and experts who like to open the throttle on US straights without having to give up the thrill of tackling the bends of the Old Continent.

A motorbike with a strong emotive charge, which lays bare its soul and shows its muscles. The frame made by CR&S, with a large cross-section "backbone" tubular structure, does not cover the engine but frames it, highlighting an unusual engine, the 1916 cc X-Wedge, made for the 50th anniversary of S&S, a leading US company in special parts for engines and makers of twin-cylinders "V"s.

Like all the CR&S, each DUU is unique, assembled by hand and made to measure like a tailored suit: starting with the standard version, it is possible to choose from an infinite range of technical and aesthetic variants.

The DUU is also modular: the basic module can be configured in a different way according to the requirements of the owner, while maintaining the aesthetic and functional features of the project.

CR&S – Founded in 1992 – with the aim of promoting sports motorcycles of the 1960s and 1970s (Cafè Racers) and their current descendants (Superbikes), is today the only manufacturer of road bikes in Milan to continue the mechanical tradition in the Lombard region.

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