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The KTM factory riders had mixed fortunes at the Motocross of Nations in Thunder Creek, Colorado, this past weekend, with Germany’s Max Nagl emerging the top rider of the group, helping to push Team Germany onto the podium in third overall.

Max Nagl says: “It was amazing to be on the podium and its the first time for us since 1985 and that’s a long time. The last years have been really tough but now we had three top riders. I was quite happy with my riding. The speed was there and I had the same lap times as the big guys. I had a crash in the second moto and I hurt my hip but I’m happy that I wasn’t injured although for sure it will be sore for the next couple of days.”

Tony Cairoli, riding the 350 SX-F also put on a good show for Italy and helped to propel the team to fifth overall behind the winners USA, Belgium in second place, Germany and Britain.

Cairoli, like many of the Europeans, had some difficultly adjusting to the altitude (1800 meters), which for an asthma sufferer was not easy. He looked in top form in the first moto and made a hard challenge on the USA’s number one rider Ryan Dungey, coming in in second place to make a valuable effort for Team Azzuri.

It was clear after the first moto that Team USA was in the running to take the overall victory even though there would be challenges by Germany, Belgium and Australia.

Tony Cairoli says: “It was an okay weekend for me. I had a good start but I wasn’t feeling so good with the altitude and it wasn’t good for my asthma. But I finished second behind Ryan and it would have been possible to win the moto but I made a small mistake going over a jump and I hurt my wrist and back then I didn’t have such a good start in the second moto and I was back at 15th and had to fight back again into fourth place.”

“Overall for Italy it was better than last year to be fifth. Also the federation (Italian) called me back just last week to race here. I had not been training as much as I am used to so my condition was not as good as it could be.”

Marvin Musquin, who had to swallow the disappointment of two DNFs and was very disappointed for the French team who were expected to be among the top teams, was stoic about the weekend, saying it was a learning experience and that he is still very much looking forward to racing in the USA in the 2011 season, especially with the newly appointed, KTM team boss for North America, the legendary Roger DeCoster

Marvin Musquin says: “It was a bad weekend for me and the French team. I wasn’t good on Saturday but I was better in the warm-up. I was happy at the beginning of the first moto. I was good and my speed was good but then I had some problems with the bike. I need to really learn about the injection bike and I am excited to begin testing and working the Roger DeCoster and the guys in the team. I am happy about coming here to ride.”

Goncalves helps Portugal to best ever MXoN result
Rui Goncalves KTM’s factor rider from Portugal also managed to help put his team in overall ninth place, which wyas so far their best performance in the MXoN.

Rui Goncalves says: “I finished in the top ten in the first race and I had a good start in the second but then I got hit on my shoulder by a big rock. I lost the feeling in my shoulder and from then on it was very tough. I couldn’t really push hard.”

KTM rider Jake Nichols also made a contribution to vaulting Britain into fourth placed overall in the MXoN.

The MXoN lived up to its reputation as being one of the toughest and most challenging of events, but one that is imbued with the kind of spirit that results in it being known as the Olympics of Motocross. The format is a simple three race series: MX1 vs. MX2; MX2 vs Open and MX1 vs Open. Teams are allowed to drop their worst score, points are allocated according to the finishing order and the team with the least number of points is the winner.

KTM congratulates the three top national teams for 2011: USA, Belgium and Germany and looks forward to the “Nations” returning to Europe in 2011.

Denver Motocross of Nations KTM Results (Sunday, Sept. 26):

Top three
1. USA (21st victory in the MXoN)
2. Belgium
3. Germany

Race One (MX1 & MX2)
1. Ryan Dungey, USA Suzuki
2. Tony Cairoli, Italy, KTM (best KTM rider in this race)
3. Brett Metcalfe, Australia, Honda
4. Jonathan Barragan, Spain, Kawasaki
5. Gautier Paulin, France, Yamaha
6. Ken Roczen, Germany, Suzuki
Other KTM riders
9. Rui Goncalves, Portugal KTM
DNF Marvin Musquin, France, KTM

Nations standings after race one (MX1 & MX2) Note: teams can drop worst score.
1. USA 13 points
2. Germany, 20
3. Belgium, 20
4. Australia, 21
5. Italy, 22 (with KTM’s Cairoli)
6. Spain, 26
7. Estonia, 37
8. Latvia, 39
9. Portugal 40 (with Rui Goncalves)
12. France 44 (with Marvin Musquin – DNF)

Race Two (MX2 and Open)
1. Ben Townley, NZ, Honda
2. Kyle Regal, Puerto Rico, Honda
3. Ken Roczen, Germany, Suzuki
4. Clement Desalle, Belgium, Suzuki
5. Max Nagl, Germany, KTM
6. Dean Wilson, Britain, Kawasaki
7. ´Trey Canard, USA, Honda
8. Brad Anderson, Britain, Honda
9. Manuel Monni, Italy, Yamaha
10. Jeremy van Horebeek, Belgium, Kawasaki
DNF Marvin Musquin, France, KTM

Nations standings after race two (MX2 and open)
1. Germany, 28 (With KTM’s Max Nagl)
2. USA, 33
3. Belgium, 34
4. Italy, 56 (with KTM’s Tony Cairoli)
5. Britain, 59
6. Australia, 66
7. Puerto Rico, 67
8. New Zealand, 77
9. Spain, 86
10. Portugal, 91 (with KTM’s Rui Goncalves)
11. France, 95 (with KTM’s Marvin Musquin)

Race three MX1 and Open
1. Ryan Dungey, USA, Suzuki
2. Andrew Short, USA, Honda
3. Clement Desalle, Belgium, Suzuki
4. Tony Cairoli, Italy, KTM
5. Brett Metcalf, Australia, Honda
6. Steve Ramon, Belgium, Suzuki
7. Xavier Boog, France, Kawasaki
8. Arnaud Tonus, Switzerland, Suzuki
9. Gautier Paulin, France, Yamaha
10. Jay Marmont, Australia, Yamaha
Other KTM
12. Jake Nichols, Britain, KTM
DNF Max Nagl, Germany, KTM


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