2011 Yamaha Motorcycles

The big news for 2011 is the return of the WR off-road motorcycles. Designed for racing and serious trail riding, the WR450F and WR250F are unchanged, but they are for sale.

The WR450F’s MSRP is $7650. The MSPR for the WR250F is $6850, and its release will be delayed until December.

Yamaha’s off-road play bike lineup has been reduced due to unnecessary anti-lead rules concocted by the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission).

That means children will not have access to new motorcycles to ride that are properly sized for their frames.

Coming back, however are the TT-R230 (MSRP $3790), the TT-R125LE (MSRP $3150), and the TT-R110E (MSPR $2150).

All WR and TT-R off-road motorcycles are available in Team Yamaha Blue/White only for 2011.