Ironhorse Widebody | Motorcycle Trailer

Motorcycle Hauler

Eight and one half feet wide at the motorcycle handlebar level, a floor that’s 12.5 feet long and almost 8 feet wide, plenty of clearance for all but the most extreme motorbike windshields, and standard non-slip floors let you load and strap down a couple of Harley-Davidson Baggers side-by-side without being an acrobat.

The 15-inch tires and aerodynamic fiberglass body make it easy to move around parking lots by hand and so easy to tow that you won’t need to stop to refuel nearly so often.

The Ironhorse Widebody was designed with three primary objectives. First, that it have as much width at the handlebars as possible without requiring a WIDE LOAD sign. Second, that its owners shouldn’t have to buy a heavy-duty pickup to tow it, and third, that it be clearly recognizable as a member of the Ironhorse Trailers family (

Your initial reaction will probably depend on what part of it you see first. From the front, you’ll immediately be struck by how massive it is. From the rear, the first thing that jumps out at you is how gracefully it carries all that width.

If the top is up and the tailgate down, it looks like an airplane hangar with the doors open. From the side, thanks to its familiar Ironhorse aerodynamic profile, contours and body lines, it will probably be the best looking trailer you have ever seen.

How does it tow? Well the company claims just like its smaller Ironhorse predecessors, it tows like a dream. And the wider your tow vehicle and the longer it’s roof line, the dreamier it gets.

With a full size SUV or pickup, you can run with the big dogs on the interstate, changing lanes and passing slowpokes at will, And despite its apparent bulk, with a full size SUV or pickup, the shape of its sides insures that extension mirrors are an option, not a necessity.

What about its carrying capacity? It’s wide enough to carry three sports bikes or two Boss Hosses, Honda Goldwings, or Harley-Davidson Ultra Classics side by side without staggering the wheel chocks.

With deliberately excess load capacity tires and a 3500 lb suspension, you can carry well over a ton of motorcycles and other motorcycling essentials. But if you want to carry two Boss Hosses, you’ll need to order yours with still higher rated tires and a 5000 lb suspension.

What about driveway and parking lot maneuverability? With its standard rolling jack behind the coupler, its single axle and its lightweight, one person can move it around a semi-level driveway or parking lot with bikes on board-no more pinpoint tow vehicle positioning to hook up.

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