Ducati Monster: Hinson BTL Dry Clutch

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The Ducati Monster 1100 S comes equipped with a standard dry clutch, so a high-quality dry slipper clutch was tops on my must-have list when upgrading the bike.

Hinson Clutch Components, an innovative clutch-building company that has worked with everyone from the King of Supercross Jeremy McGrath to American Honda's Superbike team-being part of 173 national and world motorcycle championships-is now offering its Complete BTL (Back Torque Limiter) Dry Clutch for Ducatis.

The Hinson clutch components are precision-machined from billet T-6 aluminum to exact tolerances. Developed using slipper clutch technology sourced from MotoGP, the Hinson unit uses ball and ramp actuation, different from many OEM clutches or other replacements on the market.

This advanced assembly spins truer, creating less heat when disengaged, while also allowing for smoother back limiting engagement.

Physically, the Hinson Complete BTL is 1.75 pounds lighter and nearly a half-inch narrower than the stock Ducati assembly, and made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The complete, ready-to-install clutch assembly includes the basket, slipper inner hub, pressure plate, sintered plates, and all springs.

Hinson also includes four flat washer springs in different weights. They can be changed to adjust the clutch back torque to each rider's preference. The included pressure plate is all Hinson, so other aftermarket Ducati pressure plates will not work with this assembly.

Riding the Monster with the BTL clutch kit provides smooth and seamless downshifts. Rear-wheel chatter is virtually eliminated, allowing for superior braking control. Corner entry speeds definitely increase, and the bike remains settled during setup. With less drama on the entrance, you can find superior strong drive through the turns. Advanced riders will also find it much easier to back the Monster 1100 S into corners.

Swapping the included flat washer springs is effective. On one end of the spectrum there is little engine braking; on the other end, there is a much stronger engine braking effect. Finding a preference is entirely up to the individual rider, but, regardless of spring choice, the act of downshifting is greatly improved.

The benefits were validated with improved times during track testing. While honing my skills at a local track, I experienced an epiphany as I left the most beautiful arched tire mark on the entrance to turn two. Certainly, the Hinson Complete BTL clutch kit is a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about sportbike performance.


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