Red Rock Harley-Davidson Receives Award

Motorcycle Industry News

Red Rock Harley-Davidson was recently honored with Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s very prestigious Gold Bar & Shield Circle of Excellence Award for the 2009 calendar year.

This award is given to the top 25 Harley-Davidson dealerships in the United States. The award is based on motorcycle and related product sales performance, an evaluation of customer service and satisfaction, and various operational measures.

Mark Dukes (Red Rock General Manager) says: "The Award is about sales and performance, and it really is an honor. But, what makes me the most proud is our employees and how our business is run."

"Every day I walk around and talk to every single one of my 55 employees and get a pulse on what’s going on. And, everyone of them is on the top of their game, everyone of them is striving for the same goal: to make our customers happy and to get return business."

It is that commitment and focus that no only wins awards, but also sets a foundation for a healthy future.

Mark Dukes says: "The economy is turning around and we are ready for it."