MotoGP: Hiroshi Aoyama to Test in Brno

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After almost two months recovery time Hiroshi Aoyama will be back on his Honda RC212V for the first time at the official MotoGP test on Monday after the race in Brno.

Aoyama, who fractured his 12th vertebra during a crash in the Warm up for the British Grand Prix in Silverstone, had decided against an operation after he spoke to several specialists and the bone is healing the natural way.

As the process of healing is going very well the 28-year-old Japanese decided to get back on his bike after this long break at the test in Brno.

How Aoyama will continue this season and which Grand Prix he will pick for his final comeback he will decide after the test on Monday.

Hiroshi Aoyama says:"I feel very well and I am happy with the improvements of my injury in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday my doctors did another X-Ray and the healing process of the broken bone is really good. I can move my arms and legs like before the crash. I just need to be careful with my back."

"I started training a couple of weeks ago and do cycling, swimming and go to the gym. It is improving step by step and I am almost back to normal again. I can't wait to be back on my bike. If you have to watch all these races on TV, it is depressing and I want to come back as soon as possible. But when I will ride my bike again in a Grand Prix I will decide after the test on Monday."

Daniel M. Epp (Team Manager) says: "We are glad that Hiro's healing process is going so well and he is improving every time. He was able to start with the training already quite early and of course he wants to ride his bike again as soon as possible."

"Therefore we decided that the test in Brno will be a perfect opportunity to test his condition. After the test on Monday we will decide how to continue, nothing is decided yet. We are happy to welcome Hiro back to the team after such a long time of recovery."


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