Honda: Yuasa GYZ20L Battery

Motorcycle Battery

Available exclusively through Honda Powersports dealers, the advanced GYZ20L battery has recently been certified as an approved replacement part for additional Honda motorcycle, ATV and PWC models, American Honda announced today.

Designed as a true "Next Generation" battery, the GYZ20L has a larger capacity than the battery it replaces, as well as a 50% lower static discharge rate and a dramatically improved recovery rate. A low static discharge rate is especially important for Powersports vehicles since they often sit for extended periods of time between operation.

Jointly developed by Honda R&D and Yuasa Battery Inc. to meet the rigorous demands of the 2009-2010 Gold Wing touring motorcycle, the GYZ20L features larger and thicker plates, heavy duty TIG-welded terminals and a specially formulated electrolyte to enhance performance.

In addition, new construction techniques help increase durability and further extend battery life.
Utilizing comparable dimensions to the YTX20L battery, the GYZ20L is an ideal premium battery upgrade for virtually all Honda motorcycle, ATV and personal watercraft applications that currently use the YTX20L.

Given the GYZ20L’s improved durability, 50 percent lower static discharge rate, 11 percent higher amperage capacity and 81 percent greater life cycle performance capability, the new battery can help ensure consistent starting and ample electrical power when it’s needed most.

The GYZ20L can be used as a premium battery upgrade for the following Honda models: 2001-2008 GL1800/A Gold Wing; all 2002-2009 Aquatrax; as well as all TRX650/680 and VTX1800 models that currently use the YTX20LBS battery as standard equipment.

The factory filled and sealed GYZ20L requires no checking or filling of electrolyte levels for the life of the battery and virtually eliminates the possibility of battery acid spills or leakage.

In addition to genuine Honda replacement parts, American Honda offers a full line of fast moving parts, including Pro Honda chemicals and oils that are specifically designed for the unique requirements of today’s high performance motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft and scooters.

Pro Honda products, like the new GYZ20L, are available exclusively through 1,100 plus Honda motorcycle dealers nationwide.


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