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The pictoresque town of 4.000 inhabitants of Chinchon, 40 Kilometers south of Madrid, was the stage of a show session in a preview of the fourth edition of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, to take place in the spanish capital.

The 2009 winner, the Spaniard Dany Torres and his young contryman Maikel Melero performed over a ramp in the town centre a firework of spectacular jumps.

The centre of Chinchon is a little treasure: it has one of the oldest bullfight arenas in Spain. Its three-floored houses right in the middle of its main square form a circle and their balconies are used many times thoughout the year as lodge to 3.000 viewers.

Tribunes and wooden bands are also additionally assembled. Interesting: the houses belong to particulars, but their balconies are a public property during the bullfights’ season.

There is a direct connection to the bullfight arena from Las Ventas, in Madrid, where, on Thursday and Friday, the best motocrossers in the world will carry their best acts.

The wooden bands first appeared in Madrid, when a famous torero from Chinchon bought them and afterwards transferred them to his hometown.

Melero and Torres were also very well impressed by the pictoresque set: “The place seem to be ready to keep on hosting some more motocross!”

Overall World FMX X-Fighters Standings

# Rider Nat Bike Mexico Egypt Russia Spain UK Italy Overall
01 Andre Villa NOR Yam YZ250 100 80 65 245
02 Nate Adams USA Yam YZ250 80 65 80 225
03 Levi Sherwood NZL Yam YZ250 30 45 100 175
04 Robbie Maddison AUS Yam YZ250 65 55 45 165
05 Adam Jones USA Yam YZ250 25 100 30 155
06 Eigo Sato JAP Yam YZ250 35 35 55 125
07 Jim McNeil USA Suz RM250 45 30 20 95
08 Dany Torres ESP KTM SX250 55 35 90
09 Cameron Sinclair AUS Yam YZ250 10 25 35
10 Libor Podmol FRA Suz RM250 25 25
11 Blake Williams AUS Hon CR250R 15 5 20
Lance Coury USA Hon CR250 20 20
Charles Pagès FRA Suz RM250 20 20
14 Mat Rebeaud SUI KTM SX 250 15 15
Daice Suzuki JAP Yam YZ250 15 15
16 Alex Kolesnikov RUS KTM SX250 10 10
Petr Pilat CZE KTM SX250 10 10
18 Nick de Wit RSA KTM SX250 5 5
Johan Nungaray MEX Yam YZ250 5

Photo credits: Predrag Vuckovic and Joerg Mitter


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