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Big Dog Motorcycles announced today the launch of its acclaimed motorcycle line into the European market. In conjunction with its recently appointed European distributor, Legend Motorcycle Group, four Big Dog Motorcycle models have now passed all required certification tests for distribution in the European Union.

Sheldon Coleman, founder and CEO of Big Dog Motorcycles, showed obvious excitement during the announcement.

"European distribution has been a goal of ours for several years, but we have been very selective as to the perfect partner to make this a reality. Legend Motorcycle Group has been the ideal ally in every phase of the process", Coleman stated.

"They understand the European market, they provide exceptional customer service and they share our passion for our products", he continued.

Legends Motorcycle Group GCV, with headquarters and warehousing in Belgium, will be distributing four of Big Dog's most popular models: the company's leading selling bike, the chopper-styled K-9; the heavily acclaimed long-and-low Wolf; the stylized Pitbull; and the fun-riding high-style Coyote.

While completing the certification process, Legends has been signing dealers throughout the European Union. Seven dealerships (located in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, and Luxemburg) are under contract and are receiving their initial Big Dog shipments.

Many additional dealers are in the pipeline. Regular updates on European dealer openings are available at

Jos Dewit, CEO of Legends Motorcycle Group stated, "We are completely dedicated to the success of Big Dog Motorcycles in Europe. Big Dog's designs are exceptional, revealing the type of engineering demanded by the discerning European rider. These are not only beautiful show-bikes, they are also engineered to ride in the real world on a daily basis."

"Big Dog strives to provide a unique experience for the motorcycle enthusiast. We have an exceptionally well engineered line of exhilarating motorcycles, backed by the best company in our industry niche. It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Big Dog Motorcycle line to the European market", Dewit concluded.


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