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After the first day of action at a warm and sunny Misano circuit, Yamaha Sterilgarda rider Cal Crutchlow heads the qualifying sheets, with a 1'36.288, putting him narrowly ahead of Troy Corser (BMW Motorrad Motorsport).

Leon Haslam (Alstare Suzuki) started well to go third, with local hot shot Michel Fabrizio (Ducati Xerox) fourth.

Four different types of machine - Yamaha, BMW, Suzuki and Ducati - filled the top four places. The top 11 riders were within the same second with one more session of qualifying and then Superpole taking place tomorrow.

Michel Fabrizio says: "We've already found a good pace and the feeling I have with the bike isn't bad but we need to work more on the tyre wear because I did some fast laps today but the level of grip was dropping after only a few laps. We'll see tomorrow but I'm sure we can improve further if we resolve that problem."

Noriyuki Haga says: "We started from the setting that I finished up with at the recent Misano tests, but the feeling I had today was different. Tomorrow we'll try to combine my setting with what Troy was using and we'll see if that works. The Quercia corner was also tricky for me today as they've put down new tarmac and I didn't have enough grip there. The tyres haven't convinced me today but tomorrow I'll go out on our "usual" tyre, which was the one which worked best for me at the recent tests. Basically, I hope to improve a lot tomorrow."

Cal Crutchlow says: "I'm happy to be fastest at the end of the first day, I think we've made some good steps forward. The new corner is good, they've resurfaced it so it's got good grip and the track itself is a lot cleaner than it was earlier on in the day in the free practice session. I think we've done a good enough job today, we matched the time we did in the test which is good. We tried a different chassis spec today, if we can continue the improvement with that then hopefully we'll get better and better."

James Toseland says: "A little bit frustrating with the crash, but all in all we're only 0.8 off. We were trying a few things electronically this afternoon which weren't working perfectly. Once we sit down tonight and work out what the difference is I can't see any problems for tomorrow. I put in the times in the test so I'm feeling confident."

Massimo Meregalli says: "The track surface is a little bit different to the test last week, but we more or less used the same bike set up as during the test. Pirelli bought some new tyres so tomorrow we will continue to test to find the right one for us to use during the race. We don't have any real problems so far, just a small crash by James but he is ok. I think we are quite satisfied for our first day."

Max Biaggi says: "It was a rather intense Friday. We are trying different solutions on both bikes. We are doing this because we think that there is room for improvement. Unfortunately, because of the dirty track today, we found conditions which were quite different than those we had in our tests last week. Grip was often a problem and only in the end, after our tests and the tests of other categories, were we able to get close to test times. Standings are quite tight, anyway, with the first ten all within less than a second of one another. We still have some things to work out and then it will be a matter of putting together all of our impressions and making sure we're ready for the superpole session".

Leon Camier says: "I am decidedly pleased with how this Friday of tests has gone, especially if we consider how it started out. This morning the track conditions weren't perfect and we lost a bit of time testing some modifications to the setup which turned out to be counterproductive. In the afternoon we wisely backtracked, following the indications from the tests we did here last week and things got significantly better. The track, looking at the results from last year, isn't exactly ideal for our bike, but the work we are doing makes me optimistic for tomorrow and Sunday. Every Italian race is particularly heartfelt by the Aprilia team, the fans and the sponsor. A lot of people have come out to watch us so I hope that I can do well for them".

Leon Haslam says: "I'm pretty happy with how today went and I know that there's more to come. The recent tests gave us some good directions to work on and that's what we did today. The track felt very slippery and dirty this morning and when I got back to the pits the bike looked as if it had been on a motocross track! If you got off line you could easily get into trouble. The track was better in the afternoon and I'm sure that it will get better over the weekend.

"We've got some new-spec forks here and we've been working with them and trying to find a good balance for the bike - just like normal. At the moment I feel that they are not as good on the brakes, but better off the brakes, so we still have some work to do. It's just a matter of understanding them and getting them dialled in. It's going to be a tough weekend and the races are going to be real battles. But that's the kind of racing I like!"

Sylvain Guintoli says: "I'm not at all happy with how today went and I feel that really it's me that has to improve. At the recent tests we had some tyres that I got on really well with, but today we had some new tyres and I just could not get on with them in the same way. Obviously some riders get on very well with them, but not me today. So, I think it is probably my problem and me and the team will have to deal with it. We have got some of the other tyres, but not enough for every session and race, so maybe I will try and spare some during the weekend and use something that will make me happy. It's a bit of a guessing game at the moment, but hopefully tomorrow will be better."

Carlos Checa says: "We worked a lot with the used tyres before putting on a new one and I think the low 1'37 that I recorded was more than satisfactory. I could perhaps have improved further but Parkes inadvertently held me up when I was on a fast lap. The track seems to be getting better and I think by tomorrow it will be perfect."

Jonathan Rea says: "We seem to have been suffering the same problem, but we've not been able to fix it and it's becoming quite frustrating to deal with. I'm keeping my spirits up because I know I have the speed inside me and I'll just have to be patient until we can find a setting that I'm able to use to push the bike hard. To say I'm disappointed with today's results is an understatement, but everyone else has managed to pick up a level at the circuit where we know the bike was good last year. We actually tried last year's settings this afternoon and the bike turned faster but the chatter was still there. We'll just have to hope for something better tomorrow."

Max Neukirchner says: "This morning in free practice we tried some new things and felt we made a bit of a step forward, but we weren't able to maintain that this afternoon. The track got quite slippery in the qualifying session, but it was the same for everyone, so that's no excuse. The chatter definitely felt worse in the faster turns, so we'll just have to sit down later, go through everything again, and see if we can find a solution that works better in the morning."

Ronald ten Kate says: "We always knew that today was going to be tough because we didn't test here like a lot of the other teams. But today actually went way beyond our expectations. We really need to resolve this chatter issue, so it's going to be a long night for a lot of the guys for sure. We'll try to shape up and improve things in the morning but we already know, from last year's race, what Jonathan is capable of. We'll have to push the right buttons for tomorrow."

Jakub Smrz says: "I couldn't find the best feeling with the bike and the track. I wasn't very comfortable with the front end when entering the corner. We did however find a good base setup and we'll work on improving my feeling with the front end tomorrow. I'm sure I can improve and the front runners are not very far away and so I'm confident we can do well".

Luca Scassa says: "I am very happy with this practice Friday, the bike is very good and after changes made to geometry things have improved even more. I have not been perfect during the final laps, small but significant errors in fact I hurt preventing me to remove those few tenths to be more forward. Never mind, tomorrow morning we have in mind a couple of interventions designed to remove problems of the last sections of the track faster. The only drawback is that the day of my return to box I have sent a penalty for speeding in pit lane (70.6 km / h limit imposed at 60 km / h ed), an annoying thing, because it delivered during the tests, luckily here at least do not remove the items as on the license ... thanks to the boys team were good and fast as ever."

Misano Superbike - Qualifying 1st Session

1 35 Crutchlow C. (GBR) Yamaha YZF R1 1'36.288
2 11 Corser T. (AUS) BMW S1000 RR 1'36.344
3 91 Haslam L. (GBR) Suzuki GSX-R1000 1'36.365
4 84 Fabrizio M. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 1'36.549
5 7 Checa C. (ESP) Ducati 1098R 1'36.761
6 3 Biaggi M. (ITA) Aprilia RSV4 Factory 1'36.793
7 67 Byrne S. (GBR) Ducati 1098R 1'36.819
8 99 Scassa L. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 1'36.946
9 2 Camier L. (GBR) Aprilia RSV4 Factory 1'37.048
10 52 Toseland J. (GBR) Yamaha YZF R1 1'37.124
11 96 Smrz J. (CZE) Ducati 1098R 1'37.189
12 50 Guintoli S. (FRA) Suzuki GSX-R1000 1'37.314
13 41 Haga N. (JPN) Ducati 1098R 1'37.420
14 66 Sykes T. (GBR) Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'37.444
15 111 Xaus R. (ESP) BMW S1000 RR 1'37.461
16 65 Rea J. (GBR) Honda CBR1000RR 1'37.769
17 57 Lanzi L. (ITA) Ducati 1098R 1'37.947
18 76 Neukirchner M. (GER) Honda CBR1000RR 1'38.068
19 77 Vermeulen C. (AUS) Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'38.760
20 23 Parkes B. (AUS) Honda CBR1000RR 1'38.800
21 15 Baiocco M. (ITA) Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'38.892
22 95 Hayden R. (USA) Kawasaki ZX 10R 1'39.078
23 90 Sandi F. (ITA) Aprilia RSV4 1000 F. 1'39.262


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