BMW R 1200 RT: Cylinder Head Guard

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The Touratech Cylinder Head Guards for 2010 BMW R 1200 RT motorcycle are engineered to protect the cylinder head and valve cover in the event of a crash or tip-over.

The new Head Guard may help get you home after a spill without leaking out all your oil, and also keep the valve covers scratch-free and your pride intact.

Made from a combination of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, the guard will keep the cylinder cover of the precious boxer head wrapped in near indestructible protection.

According to reports from Touratech customers, these guards have protected the cylinder head leaving the cylinder cover intact even after a 70mph slide along asphalt. The bike could be righted and driven home with only cosmetic damage.

Touratech Cylinder Head Guards for BMW R 1200 RT are available in black (Motorcycle Part # 047-0162) or silver (Motorcycle Part # 044-0163).

The specifications are as follows:
• Protects the cylinder head and valve cover
• Made from stainless steel and anodized aluminum
• Available in black and silver
• Bolts to existing mounting points on the cylinder head of all 2010 and newer
• 1200cc boxer engines
• Sold as a pair (right and left)
• Stylish and durable design
• Easy to follow installation instructions

MSRP: Black – $227.60 / Silver – $211.10

Also available are the Touratech Cylinder Head Guard for previous model BMW R 1200 RT (2005-2009) 047-0160 (black) and 044-0360 (silver)



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