Checa Looks To Rebounds in Misano

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After the Miller round, Carlos Checa took a long vacation in America, turning the page and recharging the batteries before the coming race at Misano Adriatico.

"Miller was a positive experience even if though it was statistically disastrous", said Carlos, after having ridden through the streets of San Marino on his Ducati.

"Now I will strive for individual race wins. We've been working very well as a team and we're ready to make the most of every advantageous situation. In Miller we were doing well and something happened that had never happened before and that we hope won't occur again. In this second part of the season my job will be to be prepared to grab hold of any occasion that presents itself."

Carlos took part in last week's Ducati tests at the Misano circuit.

"The tests went very well. This is a track that traditionally favors the Ducati and we found a good rhythm and recorded some good times. At this point we just need to find the right set-up with the race tire, also in light of the temperatures that we'll be facing."

In the last two years Checa has raced at the Misano World Circuit on a four cylinder machine.

"Considering that Ducati is heavier and less powerful today than the four cylinders, the advantages for us lie in the torque and the great rideability. Other things in our favor are the usable power and the fact that you can ride a significant part of the track in the same gear."

The Spaniard has not yet decided on his race day tactics after the unfortunate incident in America.

"I don't know if I'll go on the attack on Sunday. We'll have to see what the weather is like and more importantly where we are on the grid and where the others will be. The best strategy would be to start aggressively and get away but I don't know if that will be possible."



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