Helge Pedersen: ’10 Years on 2 Wheels’

Motorcycling Adventure

Helge Pedersen’s book ’10 Years on 2 Wheels’ ranks among the most amazing travelogues ever. This 3rd edition of the motorcycling classic was restored from scratch after original films had disappeared from the printer.

The book is now available exclusively at Touratech-USA and is expected to begin shipping in early July.

’10 Years on 2 Wheels’ documents the unusual and exciting motorcycle journey that started in 1981 when Pedersen was just 27.

The author and his sturdy BMW R80GS companion "Olga" traveled for 10 years across five continents and 77 countries, traversing over 250,000 miles, more than ten times the actual distance around the world!

Helge was the first motorcyclist ever to ride overland from South America to North America via the infamous Darien Gap-80 roadless miles of virtually impenetrable, bug-infested jungle and swamps-emerging in Panama City three weeks later with infected legs and broken bones. Crossing the Darien proved to be his most difficult endeavor.

Written as short stories, Pedersen’s up close and personal accounts of his travels are humble and humorous. Yet it is his stunning world-class photography and determination to see the world and photograph its wonders that may just make you want to quit your job, pack your bike and take off on the adventure of your lifetime.

"My purpose with this book was to inspire people to experience the world through their own adventures. I also wanted to share the unique opportunities that are possible when exploring other parts of the world by motorcycle," shared Helge Pedersen.

The 3rd edition of the book took more than a press of a button to come to life. The story goes that after selling out one Norwegian edition and two English language editions, Helge discovered that the original printer’s films were lost.

The demand for the book was so high that used copies were selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Encouraged by the book’s blockbuster success, Helge spent a few years painstakingly recreating the content and rescanning over 200 photographs to give his motorcycle adventure classic a new lease on life.

In the upcoming 3rd edition, the content and photographs remain unchanged, but the book has a new afterward by the author, an updated map of Helge’s world travels, and an improved hard cover.

Touratech-USA is the exclusive distributor of "10 Years on 2 Wheels". "10 Years on 2 Wheels" by Helge Pedersen (090-0201) – Retail: $48.00