Motocross Budds Creek: Andrew Short Report

Motocross Results

The Honda Red Riders took on round four of the 2010 AMA Motocross Championship at Budds Creek in Mechanicsville, MD, on Saturday, June 19, and Honda Red Bull Racing’s Andrew Short led the charge with his first moto win of the season on his CRF450R.

Short rode a faultless opening moto to clinch his first win in 2010, nabbing the holeshot and leading every lap of the race. Fast out of the start gate, Short extended a comfortable lead out front en route to victory. In moto two, Short jumped to an early lead but a few errors during the race saw him fall back and finish in fifth.

Short’s solid 1-5 results put him 2nd overall-equaling his best overall result this season. His Honda Red Bull teammate Davi Millsaps got a mid-pack start in moto one and was holding down eighth spot when he crashed hard, requiring trackside medical attention and a trip to the hospital.

Examination ascertained that Millsaps suffered multiple injuries so he was kept at the hospital for observation. It

is anticipated that he will be released shortly to return home, where he will be under the care of his regular physician.

Andrew Short says: “It’s awesome to win again. The last time I won a moto was at the Colorado motocross race in 2007 so this has been a long time coming. I owe the Honda Red Bull Racing team and our sponsors a huge shout out for all the support they’ve given me over the years. Everyone on the team puts in a huge effort each and every week and I’m just really happy I could repay them with a win.”

“I got great starts in both motos, which I’m pumped about. In moto two I just didn’t ride as smooth as I did in the first moto but I’m happy to get second overall for the round. I can’t wait to be on home soil next week and race in front of my Colorado home crowd. I’m feeling really motivated so it should be a lot of fun.”

In more 450-class action, GEICO Powersports Honda’s Brett Metcalfe ran among the top contenders in both motos before going 6-6 and finishing the round sixth overall. Troy Lee Designs Honda’s Ben Townley went 14-3 to finish eighth overall.

In the 250 class, Justin Barcia showed he had the skills and speed to battle up front aboard his GEICO Powersports Honda CRF250R, going 3-2 and finishing the round second overall. Troy Lee Designs Honda’s Wil Hahn rode a solid first moto and was fastest out of the start gate in moto two to go 5-4 for fifth overall.

GEICO Powersports Honda’s Trey Canard went 7-8 for seventh overall and teammate BlakeWharton finished in ninth (11-9). Eli Tomac got the moto one holeshot aboard his GEICO Powersports Honda CRF250R but managed only a mid-pack start in the second moto and finished 10th overall (10-13).

450 Class (Moto Finish)

1. Ryan Dungey 3-1

2. Andrew Short 1-5 (Honda)

3. Chad Reed 4-2

4. Josh Grant 5-4

5. Mike Alessi 2-12

6. Brett Metcalfe 6-6 (Honda)

7. Ryan Sipes 7-7

8. Ben Townley 14-3 (Honda)

9. Kyle Chisholm 8-8

10. Justin Brayton 10-10

450 Class Championship Standings

1. Ryan Dungey 171

2. Chad Reed 135

3. Brett Metcalfe 131

4. Mike Alessi 129

5. Andrew Short 120

6. Josh Grant 116

7. Ben Townley 114

8. Ryan Sipes 81

9. Kyle Chisholm 81

10. Tommy Hahn 81

250 Class (Moto Finish)

1. DeanWilson 4-1

2. Justin Barcia 3-2 (Honda)

3. Tyla Rattray 2-3

4. Christophe Pourcel 1-6

5. Wil Hahn 5-4 (Honda)

6. Broc Tickle 6-5

7. Trey Canard 7-8 (Honda)

8. Martin Davalos 9-10

9. Blake Wharton 11-9 (Honda)

10. Eli Tomac 10-13 (Honda)

250 Class Championship Standings

1. Christophe Pourcel 169

2. Tyla Rattray 144

3. DeanWilson 143

4. Justin Barcia 121

5. Broc Tickle 120

6. Trey Canard 120

7. Eli Tomac 109

8. Wil Hahn 106

9. Jake Weimer 94

10. Martin Davalos 82